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    Is trasharoo a good solution in bear country. I would not leave trash in a bag like this with bears, specifically grizzlies in the area!!! I would use them for wood and non food/trash items for sure.
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    Coffee Set Ups

    I use an aeropress, simple, easy to clean and coffee taste delicious
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    Calgary to Nordegg back Calgary 650km 09/12/2018

    Drove a small section last summer, climbed limestone mountain and biked the ridge. Definetely will loop thru Jasper next summer or before the tourist season...maybe this time i will bike and drive to the limestone fire look out as a small detour.
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    Jeep 2019 wrangler rubicon

    It is sometimes the opposite, halogen run hot, melt the snow to water and freeze up when you stop. However in general this is not an issue if you keep the rig clean of snow.
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    Jeep 2019 wrangler rubicon

    You are absolutely right, jeep can run as much as a LR. Personally, I think it's cool that you went with a Land Rover discovery. Would love to see your build one of these days.
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    Sharing GPX Files, Routes, and Specific Locations

    Sharing to like minded community that are responsible and respectful of the environment is welcome. We loose access from abuse like leaving garbage behind, riding soft trail, etc. Sometimes access is restricted for reclamation and regenation and that's okay.
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    Here is a great vid on why to keep the weight down.

    Just building my 4runner and I must agree that weight must be kept in check. I am puzzled to look at many rigs which I assume are way above GVWR. I did a bit of math and it doesn't take much to exceed the 4runner GVWR. Am I overly concern? What do you folks think?
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    Costway 54 Quart Fridge on SUAOKI G500

    Thanks for sharing. It gave us data and experience with brand other than the usual like arb, dometic, etc. And hope you got a few beers out as well lol!
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    The 2020 Jeep Gladiator is Ready to Rumble

    A 4runner TRD Off Road with nicer tires and you are good to go...but I am very biased lol! In my opnion, the simpler the better. The less gadgets the better especially in remote location. I looked at Jeep seriously, very exciting vehicle and fits the bill for many...but definetly not a Compass!!!
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    Gaia or....

    You should check out Avenza Maps. In essence, you create a track or download one already made. Gaia is okay to create tracks. Get the maps you need, import a KML file as layers link to the maps et voilà! There are thousands of amazing maps, lots are free including MVUM per example. You can...
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    Alternative spinal immobilization?

    Just finished an adventure medic class and we used thermarest air pad a lot from splinting aid, getting people off the ground or immobilize as needed, etc. I have a new appreciation for this piece of gear.
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    Gaia or....

    I am using Gaia but I am probably more critical than most about it. For Canada at least the map offering is limited despite I like to be able to trace my route. I love avenza map as you can get pretty much any maps you want. is also excellent with trails and guided navigation. I use it...
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    Brick House: Dometic PLB40 Portable Power Pack Preview

    Read somewhere around $800 us. Not cheap indeed, but if you can use the full 40ah, the $/ah is competitive
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    TPMS pressure read out

    Just got and installed a Scangauge 2 and it works like a charm to read tire pressure from the tpms. Thanks for the tip.
  15. Jean-Yves Hudon

    IKamper Skycamp Roof Top Tent

    You wouldn't buy it for 3 persons because of the condensation? Which one would you get?