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Hello! I fell into overlanding out of necessity post Irene and living off the grid. During those days many of the old retired dirt roads were the only way to get were you needed to go, and once it became less scary, fell in love with going slower, treading lightly and exploring the countryside in a different way. My first hand experience at driving in those conditions was in an old Saab Wagon! Which I might add, handled the situations better than one might expect, thought suspect years of boat handling may have helped me navigate the terrain too (thank you dad!) In 2013 transitioned into my first Jeep (Sahara Unlimited), which really opened the imagination up to what's possible. It wasn't my dream, which I was able to make a reality last Fall of 2016 with ordering my current rig. Really excited to be a member, meeting new folks and learning as MUCH as I can.

Overlanding with Your Dog: Jennifer & Monty

Jennifer Langille has been overlanding full-time throughout the US with her one year old Vizsla named Monty. Read more about the ups, downs, ins and outs of a life on the road with a four legged friend.