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Are You an Overlander?


It’s an interesting question I heard in passing. One I really didn’t expect. What do you need to drive? What makes a trip and “overland trip”? I’ll take a crack at answering the question from Overland Bound’s perspective.

Are you an Overlander? Have you seen this? It’s me, talking about our definition of Overlanding, and whats at the root of our members Founding Principles. Take a gander if you haven’t seen it, and you’ll know a bit more about the Overland Bound Story.

This video is dedicated to my best friend David Jones. I had just lost him to suicide, a hell of a thing, and it was another event that snapped life into focus, and reminded me what was really important. His music plays throughout this video, “I’m not looking for your approval anymore”. Overland Bound does not seek approval. The only reason we exist is that a lot of people tend to agree. Thank you.