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How To: Anti-Glare Hood Blackout

How To: Anti-Glare Hood Blackout


I get a lot of comments and questions on my hood blackout. The flat or matte finish of the hood reduces any glare while you are driving. It helps with eye fatigue on long drives, and even better, prevents a blinding flash of sun when you are tipping over rocks! Here is the solution that I chose after trying a couple different things.

My first attempt was a decal, and after about a year it began to fade and crack due to the extreme sun and weather. Thats no good. Also, the cost was relatively high ($320 installed). My most recent solution, going on two years now, is a rattle-can solution. Cheap, and the results are great! No wear, marks, or fading/peeling. It still looks great!

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After the sign vinyl, I tried semi-gloss paint. That was OK, but I couldn’t get a good finish out of a rattle can, and I didn’t want to pay a body shop to so it. I tried three times with some rather heart-breaking visual results. A semi-flat paint just didn’t provide the smooth finish I needed. The solution?

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It finally occurred to me that semi-gloss bed liner would cut glare, be durable, and have a mottled, speckled finish that would hide other blemishes. In other words, It would be FORGIVING. I used Dupli-Color Bed Armor. With a little masking tape and very little prep (light sanding with 2000 grit wet/dry sandpaper) I sprayed the bed liner on and got a perfect finish. I’m still happy with it to this day!

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Here is a link to the product I used. Three cans should do it!

Bed Armor


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