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A Camper You Can Pull with your Subaru!

A Camper You Can Pull with your Subaru!


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Date: 09/04/2015 [/author]

Overland Bound loves anything that makes the great outdoors more accessible to the masses. That is the whole point! The key is that your mode of transportation suits your needs. Sure, if you are going to travel the Rubicon, you are going to need a trail rig capable of making the journey, but a trail rig is not required to Overland. We just learned of this camper. It’s not an outback or trail camper, but guess what? You can tow it with your Subaru!

We believe, “It doesn’t matter what you drive”

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September 1, 2015, 2:27 pm

The Camper You Can Pull With Your Subaru

Happier Camper Awning

The Happier Camper is a different kind of pull-behind. At just 1,100 pounds, you can tow it behind a lot of small cars, including the Subaru Outback, which has a towing capacity of 2,700 pounds. (Shoot, even some Ford Fusions can tow this trailer.)

The lighter weight will also be nice to the gas tank of bigger trucks and SUVs.

Happy Camper rv

Sleeps Five

The Happier Camper packs a lot into its fiberglass body.

Happier Camper Interior

It sleeps up to five across its 6’11” width, and it has 70 square feet of useable space inside.

The camper can be equipped with solar panels and a battery to run standard household appliances with an inverter.

With a large rear door, it can also be used to haul items such as bikes, kayaks, or even a motorcycle.

‘Adaptiv’ Interior


Part of the flexibility of the camper is due to what the company calls an “Adaptiv” modular interior. It lets you customize the trailer on-the-fly, changing the layout to fit a specific purpose.

The ability to swap around the interior makes this a very versatile camper. Need a sink for your trip? Install it. If you don’t and sleeping space is more critical, swap things around and you’ve got one huge bed. The graphic at the right shows how the camper can be set up.

As noted, the modular interior allows this camper to be used as a trailer to haul equipment.

Happier Camper as trailer 2

Perpetual Power

Happy Camper Solar

The Happier Camper can run built-in electronics perpetually in sunny conditions, the company claims. Configured with an AGM Deep Cycle battery and charged by a 100-watt solar panel, moderate electrical use needs nothing but the sun to keep going.

happier camper inverter

A waveform Zamp Solar power inverter provides 600 watts of medical-grade power for sensitive devices.

Getting Your Own Happier Camper

All that awesome doesn’t come cheap, and the Happier Camper sells for a base price of $16,000 up to $25,000.

They are made in Los Angeles, and every major component comes from the factory northeast of downtown, near Dodger Stadium.

The company invites people to swing by to check out the light but versatile campers. If you’re shopping for an RV, Los Angeles could be worth the trip to check them out.