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Sequoia National Park Part 3 of 3

FINALLY! Here is the last installment of the Sequoia National Park Trip Part 3 of 3. On the last day we hit the trail early and headed straight to the Buck Rock Trail head.  Bluebird weather and an awesome trail contributed to an epic overland adventure. We took the Double Black Diamond routes and got it all on video for you! Enjoy!


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  1. This my all– time favorite series of overland bound 3 videos. Looking forward to taking my son and grandson on the same trip. Thank you for the wonderful intro to the Sequoia National Park….My FZJ80 — 1997 came with AWD. high and low…, no lockers. We have added a lower set of gears and air actuated lockers on the rear differential, 4″ lifted suspension, 35″ wheels, powered by Toyota factory super charger… So we will see if that is going to make it up the Double Black Diamond part of the trail.

  2. We made the trip, our first in the Sequoias, but certainly not our last. Son and Grandson flew into Burbank Airport, and we headed for the National Monument and Kings Canyon. Beautious (sp) !!! Park rangers were very helpful even at the end of the day, we were able to find 13S40 and headed up to a great campsite just as dark fell. We set up out bug shade and quickly fell asleep under a canopy of diamond like stars.
    Next morning, I was out for a walk uphill and stopped to catch my breath thinking I was sharing this place with only the brown bears, and I couldn’t run if I had to —7500 feet above sea level my home. About that time this pretty young lady came running by herself up the hill.

    We drove up to the Look-out at the top of Buck Rock, and climbed the 172 steps. I met the young lady, now in uniform again. She pointed out that there is no bathroom in the lookout, and she is there for 5 days and nights. Yep! She swear she uses the stairs to the out house 172 steps below night as well as day. Amazing youth! Thank you for giving us the confidence to make this trip possible.
    Mike OB 0154