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Podcast Episode 18 : Be Kind to Survive

Podcast Episode 18 : Be Kind to Survive



  1. Awesome POD. Definitely, being kind and passing it forward is a must in adventure travel. This applied to backpacking in different countries as well as overlanding.
    I follow the principles of the “How Full Is Your Bucket?” book and apply it in everything in life. Be positive and focusing on filling other people’s ‘buckets’, and in return your will continue to overflow.

  2. Couldn’t agree more. Helping others on the trail is a central tenet of overland travel. Everyone on the trail will eventually either have a chance to help someone in dire need, or to be helped while they are in dire need. It only makes sense to help others without hesitation or judgement. I experienced this early. I had just turned 16 and was eager to take my brother’s blazer offroad with my three buddies. We got hopelessly stuck to the axles in soft late-spring snow. We were looking at a long walk out to the nearest town when a lone Ford F-250 driver showed up and yanked us out with an impressive set of extraction equipment (we had none of course, totally clueless). He didn’t berate us for getting “stupidly stuck”. He didn’t say much at all, actually. He showed us how straps, winches, d-rings and shackles work and got us out of a tricky situation. We tried to scrape together some money for him, and maybe came up with under $20 dollars to give him, but he refused to take it and gave us powerful advice: help someone else in the future. Don’t take their money. Just help them out and tell them to do the same. The “pay it forward” concept hadn’t even really become a “thing” yet (this was 1979) but he certainly illustrated it well to us on that spring day. I’ll never forget it.