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Perfect Camping Meals

Perfect Camping Meals


One thing you learn early in life as a rugged outdoorsman (who picks his teeth with old nails and shaves with the sharp end of a brick), is that not all perfect camping meals are the same. It depends on many things. Let me explain. Behold! The PERFECT camping meal:

Perfect Camping Meal

The recipe:

Allow 30 seconds to prepare for eating.

  1. 1 Cold flower tortilla
  2. 1 Cold hot dog
  3. 1 block-o-cheese
  4. 4 Dashes Hotsauce

Preperation – Put all in tortilla. Eat.

When is this recipe perfect? When you are out on the trail, hungry as hell, and all you want to do is get back on the trail. If you have your less seasoned Overland friends alond with you, you will be amazed at what they think of your gormet cooking if they are hungry enough. You get comments like, “The heavens”!, and “This has got to be the most succulent combination of flavors ever devised for human consumption”. It’s true.

After living off the land (and tortillas) for a while, there comes a time when you head back to civilization. A time and place where that wallet you havent seen in, oh I imaging a month or so (if your’re a real man) will have the opportunity to do its job again. The first meal back in civilization is important. Don’t head on down to the Steakity High-Societyville’s where a pinch of ground beef on top of a rare mushroom from the dark shadows of a lost continent costs you 120 bucks. Thats not what you need. If its in the morn, find a diner. In this case, the perfect camp meal looks like this:

Perfect Camp Meal 1

Keep this in mind during your trip planning phase. Not every meal needs to be a 2 hour camp kitchen affair. Our bodies do quite nicely with the basics!