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Overland Checklist

Overland Checklist


No list can all inclusive, and certainly it depends on your trip. This is a good list that will get you started, but don’t be daunted. There is nothing wrong with getting in your truck and going out overnight with basically nothing if the weather is good. Just be safe. You are the final judge of what you will need! Err on the side of caution, and as you go farther longer, redundancy becomes more important! Depending on the duration of your trip, this list may get shorter or longer. If you have this stuff pre-packed – you’ll always know its with you. Here is a list of basic items:

Overland Checklist


      1. Water: The most important thing! Carry plenty of water. Allow enough water for drinking and some extra for your vehicle. Two gallons per person, per day. It is best to plan a trip with water supply and carry a water filter or purification tablets. Carrying all water for your entire trip can be HEAVY. If you are traveling where there is snow, you will have plenty of water, just remember to bring something to melt it in 🙂
      2. Food: for normal eating and high-energy foods for any emergencies. Energy bars, dried fruit, and hard candy store well. Plenty of dry and canned goods that do not require refrigeration
      3. Pots
      4. Plates
      5. Utensils
      6. Stove
      7. Spices
      8. Newspaper
      9. Clothes: Bring extra clothing, especially socks. Wool clothes will keep you warm even when you are wet. Make sure to bring coats, and hats even in summer.
      10. Sleeping bags
      11. Sleeping pads
      12. First Aid Kit: A good first aid kit. A full deluxe kit.
      13. Fire: Candles, matches, magnesium fire starter, and a lighter. Firewood.
      14. Spare Keys. An extra set of keys hidden on the OUTSIDE of your vehicle
      15. TP: Toilet paper, wipes, paper towels, trash bags. Recommend a Trasharoo spare tire trash container “Take it with you”!
      16. Large tarp.
      17. Rope: Rain gear, tent, tarp, nylon cord, rope
      18. Maps: Detailed maps, compass, GPS unit
      19. Watch
      20. Knife
      21. Chairs
      22. Table
      23. Tent
      24. Heavy duty tow strap
      25. Fire extinguisher with easy access
      26. Jumper cables, radiator stop leak, extra fan belts
      27. Replacement fuses
      28. Electrical tape
      29. Flashlight and extra batteries
      30. Flares, signal mirror, police whistle
      31. Extra vehicle oil
      32. Full tank of gas. Extra in approved containers
      33. Good set of tools, gloves, and service manual for vehicle
      34. Bailing wire and duct tap
      35. Hoses, clamps, nuts, bolts, and washers
      36. Full size spare tire
      37. Tire pressure gauge, electric tire pump to plug in cigarette lighter. Tire sealant, and puncture repair kit
      38. A good jack that will lift your vehicle high. A Hi-Lift jack is ideal
      39. Shovel and Axe
      40. Tire chains
      41. CB Radio and or a cellular phone and or satellite phone or HAM radio (the more modes of communication the better)
      42. Portable toilet (though a deep hole works quite well)
      43. If you have a winch, carry a tree strap, clevis, and snatch block
      44. A journal for taking notes of what you would like to have, or what you did not use. This helps to refine your list!