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Overland Bound Land Cruiser Vs Hollister Hills


We went to the Hollister Hills OHV Park to test out the Overland Bound Land Cruiser and see if we could get stuck! We finally accomplished that task in the infamous mud pit, but before that, we hit a number of obstacles to see how the FZJ80 would perform.

Cross Axle Traction

Most 4x4s will get stuck in a cross ale situation where apposing wheels are at maximum suspension travel. By engaging the real locker, the Land Cruiser was able to push through, relying on traction from both rear wheels.

The Rock Garden

The Overland Bound rig has 2.5″ lift with 1 spacers on the rear, and 35″ tires. This allows it to crawl over sizable obstacles without the Slee sliders having to protect the rig. Since it is an automatic, one foot should cover the brake while the other covers the gas. Using both and feathering power and brake to control the ascent and decent over rocks will make for a smoother ride!

The Steps

Slick steps up a steep grade requires momentum. Even fully locked, the rig spun all four wheels simultaneously (only possible with both front and rear lockers). Momentum had to be used to get on up the trail.

The Mud Pit

There are obstacles too great for any rig. In this case, the mud pit stopped the rig dead in its tracks. After making it about half way, the rig was stuck in the muck and required winching to get out. In the process, the distributor cap also got wet, and the engine died. We had to pull it apart and dry it off before the engine would start again.

For a detailed account, enjoy the video!

Special thanks to Bill and Brenton for helping me get unstuck! Check out their web pages:

4XFar Adventures: http://www.4xfaradventures.com/

Norhtern California Land Rover Club: http://www.norcalrovers.org/