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Make Your Own Limb Risers


I always get asked about the wires going from my front bumper to my roof rack.

Those are called “Limb Risers” and they keep brush from slamming into your windshield, getting caught up in expensive gear, and possibly breaking your rig. If you use your rig on the trail or anywhere the brush gets thick, this is an essential bit of kit!

Want to make your own on the cheap?

In this video I explain the basics and step you through creating your own. You will need some hardware, most of which is found on amazon! For the list, go to the end of the article!


Front Loop Detail:


The hardest thing to find is the 3/16th” Stainless Steel Aircraft Cable. The reason is, most sells in 250′ rolls! This is a link to the type of vinyl coated wire rope you need, but we have not found a source for short lengths! You want a +3000 lbs breaking strength.

Other Supplies Needed: