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Hood Blackout

Hood Blackout


Hey all,
A “hood blackout” is a flat black finish that reduces or eliminates glare when your rig is traveling at precarious angles. I did a bunch of research on this and weighed the options. Should I cut my own and install it? Buy a precut decal?
Well, in the end I just took my truck to a sign company that does vinyl graphics on cars and trucks (among other things). I told them what I wanted, they measured and cut the vinyl, and installed it in about 1.5hrs. It cost me $320 bucks, but it was done fast and turned out great.

Hood blackout 01

hood blackout 2

This is black on black, so its subtle, but it does a GREAT job at cutting the glare. Just thought I’d pass along the tip! Thanks to Sign Co. USA in Berkeley for doing a great job!
Have fun!