Whats Up From Sir William in South Carolina

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Sir William Goes

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Hey guys, after following OB for a good while now I decided to join. I'm a 30yr old dude and nothing like your typical / stereotypical adventure lover. Growing up in and around larger city's I was never really a outdoors person. I have always enjoyed automobiles and anything associated, I have raced them, worked on them, and today I make my living selling them. I became interested in off-road adventure around 2010 and I thoroughly enjoyed it!! I started working with Toyota in 2012 and came across an online forum named Expedition Portal where I was introduced to Overland. I found a forum where someone traveled across the US in a Tacoma and documented their journey. From then on I knew that I would myself one day take a similar journey. While planing my trip I came across a trail that was mostly off-road from NC to OR that was originally designed for dirt bikes named the Trans America Trail or TAT, I knew that I had to do it!!!

After planning my trip (pin marks on a google map) I became tied up in life and chasing the all mighty dollar and the things that come with it. In 2015 after the death of my grandfather, who gave me my nickname Sir William (SirWilly) the fact that life is short hit pretty hard. In Jan of 2016 I sold a Toyota to a lady that told me about her journey when she was younger across the US and showed me her scrapbook where she traveled in an old 2wd Toyota Pick Up. It was after hearing her stories, and seeing her pictures that I determined that I would take my trip in 2016 by any means necessary!! In March of 2016 I was involved in a serious motorcycle accident in which I was pretty seriously injured and forced out of work. It was at this time that the fact that life is extremely too short to worry about things that ultimately don't matter really sank in, like money!! I knew there was only one thing to do, so I did it! I quit my job, packed my s**t and headed out on the biggest adventure of my life that I dubbed #TrailOnTAT I knew the adventure would be naturally challenging, however that would be amplified by one small caveat. I (at 29yo) had NEVER been camping a day in my life!!! I took video of the whole trip and put it on YouTube under #TrailOnTAT as well as did multiple write ups in Expedition Portal and Toyota 4Runner Forums under the titles
NC to OR on the TAT in my 4Runner, and Taking my Trail on the Trail.
The trip took 33 days, I went from NC-OR using the TAT most of the time where I could and visited most places on my map. A whole lot of the TAT was covered in snow therefore I had to bypass a lot of it. Once reaching the end I took the PCH and 101 to LA then whent through the Mojave Desert exploring some of Mojave Rd then to Las Vegas where I rented a Harley and rode the desert, onto AZ where I jumped on rte66 to Amarillo TX then I hopped on I40 and went home!!! The total trip was 33days, 20 to get to OR. Even though I was still in recovery, and very sore I had the time of my life and made a promise that I would do the same or similar adventure at least once every 2 years from here on out until I cant any more.

This year I plan on doing the entire Trans America Trail this time camping much more than hotel staying not only to save money but also because I wont be recovering from injury (lord willing). The caveat this time is that I will be taking my better half. We have been together for 13 years and she is the true definition of my better half!!! She camped often as a child however in her adult life she has been consumed with modern technology and like me has not had a break from her job in insurance sales and as a equestrian Barn Manager, many weeks putting in 70 or more hrs between the two. We are both looking forward to the adventure, and time off,as well as all the things / experiences we will learn and grow from. We plan on going in September of 2017. Hopefully by this time the snow will have melted so that we can complete the trail without too many bypasses / reroutes. Again we will be documenting the whole trip, this time I'm pretty excited that I will have a camera women!! She has already stated her concern for the super high mountain passes and plans to stay on solid ground rather than riding with me which works out great since I know the shots will be amazing!! The two of us together is sure to be VERY entertaining as it normally is anytime we do anything. We never take anything too serious and always make the best of every situation. We will be doing the trip as economical (cheap) as possible for a couple reasons 1) we aint rich!! 2) I want to show people that just because you don't have the high dollar equipment, lots of vehicle modifications, the best of the best camping gear, and a bunch of money doesn't mean you cant get out and explore your world. We look forward to getting a couple partners / sponsors to help out with this trip and any advice anyone has on how to obtain those is greatly appreciated. I look forward to being a part of overland bound and the adventures that are to be had. I also look forward to meeting and being around like minded people. Thanks for reading my intro and I hope to talk with all of you soon.

If anyone ever has any questions Im an open book. you can find me on YouTube The Carolina Car Guy on facebook William Adams and on Instagram TheCarolinaCarGuy. If you wanna buy a new rig I can help with that as well and strive to be The Best in the Business. Any make, any model, buy sell trade or service I can help!


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Hi William, and welcome to the Overland Bound Forum.

I followed along on your trip last year, reading the T4R.org posts and watching some of the videos. It was disappointing to see that you had to miss so much of the western portion of the trail due to snow. Maybe the next time, you'll have better weather. You'll also get a chance to see some of the places that the T4R members suggested that you didn't get to.

The Overland Bound Downloadable maps can be found in this forum: Overland Bound Routes: Downloadable! These have been submitted and approved by the OB Staff. Another forum with trails is this one: Share Your Overland Routes! But the trails in there don't generally have the downloadable maps or as many details as the former.

Welcome aboard,
Steve (Ohio_Steve ot T4R.org)


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Good luck on your exploration! I feel that over landing really has become soaked with after market and the idea that you have to have to do. TAT is on my list as well its just utilizing that rare time in your life where you can dedicate that much time away from work. Love to see a trip report!
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