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  1. AdventureWithDanan

    Trans America Trail on my Motorcycle | 2 of 2 posts

    For the first 7 days of the TAT, go over here to this post: Trans America Trail on my Motorcycle | 1 of 2 posts Day 8 of the TAT: Day 9 of the TAT: Day 10 of the TAT: Day 11 of the TAT: Day 12 of the TAT: Day 13-17 of the TAT:
  2. AdventureWithDanan

    Trans America Trail on my Motorcycle | 1 of 2 posts

    July of 2018 I embarked on the Trans America Trail with 2 of my friends. I did 1 video for each day I was on the TAT for a collection of 17 videos. Here are the the videos leading up to the trip and the first 7 days of the TAT. (for days 8-17 of my adventure on the TAT, please click here...
  3. Broncopaws

    Trans America Trail

    Last weekend my wife and I drove up to Richmond Va. 5hr drive to a Bronco club meet and greet. On the way home we decided to take a short detour and drive a portion of the Trans America Trail (TAT). I had already downloaded the GPS tracks for the Atlantic spur from the Trans America Trail...
  4. Harriss Vann

    Jeep Patriot Overland Trip (TAT)

    I recently purchased a 2016 Jeep Patriot 4x4. I got the Patriot because it was relatively fuel efficient and had 4x4 capability. I was wondering what you guys(the somewhat experienced) would suggest I do to my patriot before going on the Trans-Am Trail. I will probably start in NC(Since I live...
  5. V

    Trans America Trail Considerations - Subaru

    Hello! We're new OB members, but are moving cross-country to California (from Virginia), and are considering doing the Colorado - California portions of the TAT. Should that happen, we'll be doing whatever we can in the span of 2 weeks in mid August. We are a bit worried about our vehicle...
  6. J

    What maps and GPS for the Trans America Trail?

    Hey all, new member here on the forum and I'm looking to see who's done the TAT in their rig. I'm wondering what GPS gear you guys would recommend and where to get/download the maps. I'm thinking about getting an iPad Mini w/ Cellular and GPS. I would obviously download the maps for offline mode...

    Trans America Trail Trip 2018

    I can’t believe it’s finally here. Months of preparation and dreaming and it’s finally here. Tomorrow morning we set out to start the Trans America Trail. We are doing the “official” TAT using Sam Correro’s maps and will be hitting the NEW sections so we will be starting from the NEW trail...
  8. Overland USA

    2017 F150 Build suggestions?

    2017 F150 Build suggestions? I'm planning to tackle the Trans America Trail May of 2018. Was wondering if any of you had ever modded a F150 or similar vehicle for Overlanding and what are your suggestions? All advice is appreciated.
  9. GSDforLife

    TransAmerica Trail Father/Son Trip

    Hello everyone. Not to long ago, I started a thread in the vehicle build section to document some work we were doing to the 4Runner for an upcoming trip on the TransAmerica trail. I have been very...
  10. GSDforLife

    Father/Son Tat Trip- 2016 T4R Trail Premium

    Hello everyone. Just wanted to start a thread here as I am really looking forward to a trip I have been planning with my son. Apologies in advance for the initial lengthy post, but would like to document what's done, what needs to be done etc. I plan on posting pics as we add new mods and...
  11. Sir William Goes

    Whats Up From Sir William in South Carolina

    Hey guys, after following OB for a good while now I decided to join. I'm a 30yr old dude and nothing like your typical / stereotypical adventure lover. Growing up in and around larger city's I was never really a outdoors person. I have always enjoyed automobiles and anything associated, I have...