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  1. J

    Hello My Lovely Community!

    I hope you are doing well. I would like to introduce myself! I am Jim Smith and love sharing and learning overlanding and off-roading stuff. I also wanted to connect with like-minded individual like you.
  2. mwilson920

    US West Las Vegas OB Members-Ghost Hunting At Delamar

    An overnight to the ghost town, Delamar. View Rally Point
  3. Wotan

    Western Colorado Fall Trip

    Will be heading to W. CO after the Labor Day weekend. Staying at Molas Lake Campground off HWY-550,, Spot PW10. That will be our base camp; probably do some fishing, kayaking, and of course, take Ruby for some off-roading in the area. Let me know (Just reply here, or...
  4. killallninjas

    Thoughts on trip to Moab?

    I'll be heading to Moab for a few days in November for some trails, views, and camping. I'm looking for opinions on the best trails and camp spots with the best views. I'm thinking nothing more than moderately rated trails, as we're doing this trip in just the one rig. The dogs will be with us...
  5. Arturo Escobar

    Zion Overland Adventure

    Hey guys, I'm planning a camping / off-roading adventure to Zion at the end of April. This will be my first trip to Zion and want to know your suggestions on what places to check out and things I must see while there. I'd like to not camp at your traditional campsite, rather find places that...
  6. Laughing Otter

    What do you do with your new $70k off road vehicle?

    Take it off roading of course! Fun video...I love the transition from apprehension to elation and just having fun. Because in reality...whether we pay $1000.00 or $70,000.00 it should be all about getting out, exploring and having fun in our overland vehicles. Enjoy!
  7. Sir William Goes

    Whats Up From Sir William in South Carolina

    Hey guys, after following OB for a good while now I decided to join. I'm a 30yr old dude and nothing like your typical / stereotypical adventure lover. Growing up in and around larger city's I was never really a outdoors person. I have always enjoyed automobiles and anything associated, I have...
  8. Laughing Otter

    The Russian truck that doesn't give a damn!!!!

    Found this story and pic on Gear Patrol...apparently this rig dives over any obstacle, including water! Enjoy the pic and find the story on Gear Patrol.