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  1. hapa_rnr

    FS: (NorCal) Dobinsons Springs C59-729

    DOBINSONS REAR OFFSET HEIGHT KDSS COIL SPRINGS FOR TOYOTA 4RUNNER AND FJ CRUISER 2" LIFT (C59-729) Toyota 4Runner 2003 to 2009 4th Gen Toyota 4Runner 2010 to 2019 5th Gen Toyota FJ Cruiser 2006-2015 Lexus GX460. Rear Coil Options, with KDSS. C59-729 - 600-800LB extremely heavy rear load weight...
  2. C

    FOR SALE 2016 4Runner Trail Premium, Tustin, CA, 50k OBO

    Selling my 2016 4Runner Trail Premium with the beginnings of an overland build because I'm looking to buy a house and need the money for a down payment. It's in great condition with low miles, with modifications as follows: 15k miles KDSS equipped Crawl control 4wd Rear-locker 5xMethod Race...
  3. tchughes

    2019 4Runner TRD ORP “Slow Build”

    I picked up a 2019 4Runner TRD ORP as a replacement for my 2003 4Runner Limited last July and due to work and COVID I’m just getting started. My last build thread was for a 2002 4Runner Limited and I enjoy looking back at the changes and the trips that it allowed me. I’ll use this post as a...
  4. mrn3ff

    Can you mount Alu-cab directly to roof without a rack?

    Ive got a 2016 Toyota 4Runner and have been looking at alternative sleeping options. Since we do quite a bit of kayaking we’ve always left the roof open to boats and slept inside the truck. This comes with its own pros and cons but have recently been tossing around the idea of alternative...
  5. N

    US Southwest A test title

    A test description
  6. NoCo4Rnr

    Hello from Colorado Front Range

    I live about 20 miles north of Denver in Dacono and am a novice at overlanding since I’ve never been on an overland adventure. I do love to explore and hike because I’m a newer landscape photographer. I bought my 4Runner so I’d be safe and secure off road and be able to expand adventures with...
  7. 1776_overland

    4Runner Sway Bar Quick Disconnects/Setups?

    What's going on OB family! I have some questions about my rigs sway bars. I have a 2014 4Runner SR5 Premium with a few suspension upgrades to include King shocks with external adjustable reservoirs, +600 springs (king/icon), Icon adjustable links upper and lower, icon adjustable track bar, and...
  8. Overland Adventures

    New From Eastern Pennsylvania

    Hello All, I did a lot of overloading in the late 70's in South Africa, Lesotho, Swaziland, Botswana and Namibia. Then work got in the way and overloading stopped. I've always enjoyed travel, camping and exploring the unknown. My wife and I moved to the US in 2001 and love exploring this great...
  9. M

    Overlanding in Arkansas

    @Iwata77 Wanting to do a weekend trip 1/3-1/5. My plan so far is to start in Dover and make my up Indian creek rd then shoot over to falling water/Richland area. I’m in a stock 4Runner and was just wondering if there should be any concerns. Thanks in advance to whomever would like to chime in
  10. kingofthehill29

    Tire Chains Newb...

    I have no experience with tire chains. I have driven many times in snow and ice in the past but never got to the point I needed tire chains. This year I have planned a couple of trips into the mountains to snow mobile and ski. I want to be prepared so I am looking at buying 2 sets of chains. My...
  11. Daniel Melendez

    The defense and the new image

    I want to share a note I wrote about the new image of the bumper, I hope you like it. http://www.encuentrooverland.com.ve/index.php/2019/08/16/la-defensa-y-la-nueva-imagen/ I also did some tests on a led that sells very well in the United States and Canada, you can read it here...
  12. T

    SOLD SF, CA - 2018 Toyota 4Runner TRD Off-road Premium

    I'm offering this first to Overland Bound members as I think they will appreciate the vehicle more than a dealer or a random eBay / Autotrader buyer. WHOLE VEHICLE - not parting it out. VEHICLE 2018 Toyota 4Runner TRD Off-Road Premium with only 21,000 miles Magnetic Gray Metallic Engine...
  13. Clint1911

    2001 4Runner Build,

    Recently got a new to me 3rd gen 4Runner SR5 that I currently have plans to build, currently have the Tundra Brake mod and trans cooler mods todo (hopefully, next weekend), also planning on a suspension and body lift, with lockers, armor, front and rear bumpers, along with a sleeping platform...
  14. Tpost117

    TPOST117's 2014 4Runner Build (SmoRunner)

    I am fairly new to overlanding and this will probably be a slow build. My overlanding experiences mostly consist of trips with my wife and 2 boys. I bought a 2014 Toyota 4Runner SR5 about 2 months ago. I have not done much but I do have a long list of plans so unfortunately, this is probably...
  15. Rick Louie

    Sunset on the trail

    Some pics of my 4runner on the trail yesterday. It was a pretty epic sunset here in Colorado.
  16. Freaks Off Road Adventure

    Cancelled FREE....Arizona, Drawer System For 2nd Gen 4Runner, FREE, Local Delivery/Pickup....FREE

    I am selling the drawer system that I was building for my 1991 Toyota 4Runner. I never finished building it, before I traded in my 4Runner. I have the other panio hinge and drawer handle as well as the slick tape that I used on the bottom of the drawer to make it slide. ]
  17. P

    2010 4Runner 139k Miles :: Need Help Questions and Answers

    Hey Everyone, I just recently joined the community as I have found myself on here a ton lately looking at builds and just so many amazing rigs on here. I am in the process of looking for a vehicle to start on. What are some things to look for as far maintenance before upgrading the suspension...
  18. Tall Man

    US Midwest For Sale TOYOTA 4RUNNER Running Boards

    Pair Toyota 4Runner OEM running boards. $100 OBO. Less than one month on the road. Taken off 2019 TRD Off Road. Part number below.
  19. bert_t4r

    Another 3rd Gen 4Runner

    Hello newish to the group. I’m Bert and live in Albuquerque (ABQ) New Mexico. My occupation is a Wildland Firefighter for the past 22 years. Currently part of the Sandia Helitack crew based on the Cibola National Forest. Being outside and vehicle based travel has been part of my career and...
  20. Joey Anderson


    SOLD TODAY. Thx.