2018 Toyota 4Runner Off Road Premium: 42K Miles, Colorado, [SOLD]

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I’m selling my 2018 TRD Off Road Premium 4Runner (with KDSS) for $48,500. It has 42k miles on it. This truck was professionally built for overlanding, and has just about everything one could want for both on road comfort and off road expedition capability. Owned outright, clean title, single owner, and well maintained. Below is a list of everything added to the truck.

Suspension, Wheels/Tires, Armor, Recovery
- Full OME Suspension: 2 inch lift, medium springs in the front, heavy in the back, nitro charger struts
- ICON Delta Joint UCAs
- Full RCI skid set: front, transmission, and transfer-case skids
- RCI sliders w/ kickout
- Southern Style Offroad slimline hybrid front bumper w/ bull bar
- Southern Style Offroad stage 2 high clearance kit for slimline bumper
- Factor 55 fairlead
- Factor 55 flatlink
- Warn VR 10 Winch (steel cable)
- 17” TRD Pro matte gray wheels (5)
- 34” BFG KM3 tires (5)

Electric & Lights
- Cali Raised amber fog LEDs
- Blue Sea ST Blade fuse box
- Blue Sea 12v and usb charging station in trunk
- ARB single stage air compressor
- Two 12V outlets wired for constant use in the trunk - hook up your fridge or whatever else

- Prinsu full roof rack
- RIGD hitch mount swing out tire carrier: with an unused 5th TRD Pro wheel wrapped in a KM3
- Front Runner drop down table with the slide out cutting board (mounted on tire carrier)
- C4 Ladder
- TRD Pro front grille

- Pedal Commander throttle response controller
- TJM snorkel (power addition debatable, but you can ford some cool rivers)

- Moon Roof
- RAM X-grip phone mount
- Canvasback cargo liners
- Center console organizer

Not Installed, But Included
- Rear camera relocation kit for swing out tire carrier
- Expedition Essentials powered dash accessory mount

*Notes - It does have a cracked windshield (thanks Colorado). Payment must be in the form of a cashier’s check - we will meet at the bank, no checks drawn prior to meeting (too many scammers).

If you're serious, please drop a DM, and I'll give you contact info. Thanks for looking!

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Nice rig, what did you replace it with?
I need some advice from someone who has used KDSS. How did it perform? Was it worth the cost of the option upgrade?
Thanks, David
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Nice rig, what did you replace it with?
I need some advice from someone who has used KDSS. How did it perform? Was it worth the cost of the option upgrade?
Thanks, David
Kdss is great for on road use, it mitigates body roll very well compared to the standard 4Runner sway bars. I haven’t had any issues with maintaining it or working on the truck with it.

Now it will limit your offroad adventures if you’re into more extreme rock crawling where maximum articulation and big lifts are helpful because the lift kits haven’t caught up to it just yet but there are great options up to 3”.

I was on the fence about removing my Kdss and pursing a more aggressive suspension setup but in the end the on road characteristics and the 4Runner being my DD I opted to keep the KDSS again after 140k miles because it’s offroad abilities do no limit it enough for counteract the positives off road.

When was the last time you couldn’t finish a trail because of lack or articulation? I’m betting a different line is all the choice needed.