Roof Rack Build - 2007 FJ Cruiser

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Hank Outdoors

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I wanted to start a build thread documenting my roof rack build for my FJ. As I type this I am about 2 weeks into the build and the project is stretching out because I am working on it in a friends shop (He has all the cool tools.) Right now I am into the project for $230 in steel.

The goal is to put my Smittybilt Overlander XL RTT on the rack and have some room for other gear such as jerry cans or pelican boxes on top and my awning and HiLift on the outer rail and lights under the rack.

Follow along and if you have any questions I will answer them to the best of my ability.

Sean Hank Haney

29662685_584570158546200_2451725140800832220_o.jpg 29354308_582975882038961_659984658160274179_o.jpg 28954651_584570125212870_1916983059114688861_o.jpg 29354369_584570055212877_638390592961956376_o.jpg 29064054_584570095212873_3705526294051865798_o.jpg IMG_20180403_193318.jpg
IMG_20180403_184212.jpg IMG_20180403_184141.jpg IMG_20180403_193753.jpg
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That is a great looking rack!! I am considering building one for a rooftop tent but would like to keep it as light as possible. However I only weld steel and not aluminum so I would like to keep it as thin and light as possible. 175lb seems heavy but you probably have more cross supports then I would need.
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