roof rack

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  1. mrn3ff

    Can you mount Alu-cab directly to roof without a rack?

    Ive got a 2016 Toyota 4Runner and have been looking at alternative sleeping options. Since we do quite a bit of kayaking we’ve always left the roof open to boats and slept inside the truck. This comes with its own pros and cons but have recently been tossing around the idea of alternative...
  2. Sailredemption

    Custom Roof Rack/Basket

    Hello all, I have a roof rack that I had custom built for our 2011 F150 Screw ARE cap with the stock Yakima rails. It is built out of 3/4" sch 80 aluminum pipe with a epoxy primer and and urethane bedliner type black paint. Rack is less than two years old. Looking to switch to a roof rack bar...
  3. SM_JLUR

    FOR SALE Thule 47" AeroBlade Crossbars with Thule Rapid Crossroad Railing Foot Pack Set of 4 w/ Locks

    Hi overlanders! I am selling my Thule Rack Set with locks on all 4 feet. Here's the product page for the crossbars on REI: Thule AeroBlade Roof Bars - Pair | REI Co-op Here's the product page for the foot pack on REI: Thule Rapid Crossroad Railing Foot Pack - Set of 4 | REI Co-op Here's the...
  4. SM_JLUR

    Cancelled please delete, wrong place

    please delete, wrong place
  5. Reylux

    2011 Toyota Tacoma Access Cab/Long Bed

    Hello! This is the start of my "in progress" build of my 2011 Toyota Tacoma SR5 Access Cab/Long Bed. It is an automatic V6 4x4 and was originally purchased used, with 104,000 miles on it. When I first purchased it, it came with a 3" Rough Country spacer lift and 285/75R16 BFGoodrich KO2's. It...
  6. BND Adventures

    US Midwest Wanted - Roof rack for 2018 Ram 2500

    Looking for a roof rack for a 2018 Ram 2500. I am in the Southwest Missouri area.
  7. 13XSPX

    US Southeast Front Runner Slimline II Roof Rack for a Toyota Tacoma

    Hello! I'm selling my Double Cab Front Runner Slimline II Rack. $550 Located on the GA/FL Border
  8. Kidder

    FOR SALE SF Bay Area - Baja Rack Flat Rack for 5th gen 4Runner

    Selling my Baja Rack. Purchased new in 2015. Has sunroof cutout. Baja Rack shovel and axe mount + Fourtreks aluminum awning mounts (for ARB , not sure if they fit other awnings) included in sale. Awning is not included. GOOD: The rack is solid, low-profile, and quiet. BAD: I've had to sand...
  9. Calbear

    US West JKU painted Bright White Hardtop w/ RhinoRack Backbone system

    I have a 2013 JKU painted Bright White hardtop. The hardtop includes the 2 freedom panels w/bag, hardtop, and rhino rack backbone system. The hardtop is in excellent condition. The hardtop also includes a hothead head liner. Asking $1900. The rhino rack backbone system is a $1600 roof rack that...
  10. hallsy

    JK Low Profile Rack & tent?

    I'm looking for a roof rack that is low profile but still hard and soft top friendly. Looking to put a tent on it so needs to have good load capacity. Right now I'm really liking what frontrunner has to offer but would be limited to bikini top and not full soft stop. Also looking for...
  11. TheWanderFüchs

    DIY Inexpensive Quick Release Roof Cargo Box

    Just finished up this project this morning, and thought it was a good thing to share a how-to for. Our 2001 Cherokee is our purpose-budget-built camping vehicle, and we have made a bed platform for the back in order to be able to not add too much size and weight (and cost) with a RTT. The down...
  12. stickel

    Prinsu load panel rattle

    Last fall I bought a Prinsu rack and a couple load panels. Pretty happy with them so far but the load panels rattle like crazy at highway speeds. I tried putting some weather stripping on the panel but it's too thick and won't fit in the grooves on the rack. So I found some thinner all purpose...
  13. theMightyGoose

    Easily Removable Rack

    Just got a 2019 T4R. It's going to be a daily driver, but also needs to fulfill adventure duties. So I'm having a hard time finding the right roof rack. I had a FrontRunner Slimline on my 2016 Tacoma, but it slaughtered the MPGs. It wasn't a big deal because the Tacoma wasn't a DD. But...
  14. mitchellsk8s

    Snowboard rack with rtt?

    Has anyone mounted a snowboard carrying rack while also carrying your rtt? I'd like to make this work because it's a pain to remove my rtt from the top of my rig. For context, I have a CVT rtt which takes up the entire width of my prinsu roof rack on my 2018 4runner. I do have some room up...
  15. H

    US Northwest WTB Gobi Rack!!

    Looking to purchase a Gobi Roof Rack. I have a 2017 JKU. Willing to drive a reasonable distance for pickup! Thanks for looking.
  16. kevhes

    US West Rhino Rack Vortex jk roof rack

    I’m selling my roof rack that has never been used. I have 2 extra cross bars that I’ll include, one is dented however. This rack is not rated enough for a rtt which is why I’m deciding against it. Rhino rack offers loads of options and add ons. Would be a perfect rack for someone who doesn’t...
  17. Adventure Dave

    Water in the Roof Rack

    I had a need to work on my Smittybilt SRC Roof Rack on my TJ. When I took it off there was a significant amount of water that was in the rear uprights. That conerns me a bit from a rust perspective as the water was quite brown when I poured it out. Has anybody else drilled some weep holes in...
  18. Vlad

    US Northwest FS: 5th gen 4Runner original roof rack $170 Portland, OR

    Removed at close to 7K miles. One of the brackets has small crack.
  19. kevhes

    Anyone have a off camber roof rack?

    I got this light bar mount off of eBay not knowing that it only will mount to an off camber MBRP roof rack? I don’t have much into this and would love to see someone get some use out of it. I can ship it if someone wants to pay shipping. It appears to be between 130-180$ new? I found 2 differing...
  20. GXnGS

    SOLD Bay Area- Rhino Rack Pioneer for GX470 $400

    I’ve upgraded to a full length K9 rack, so up for grabs is my RR pioneer platform for a GX470. This model is designed to attach to the OEM rails, so you can always go back to stock. It’s very sturdy and has plenty of accessory options. You can see that it’s well-used though. Paint has been...