FOR SALE For Sale - SO-CAL - KC Highlights M RACK, great condition - $900 - Includes free shipping

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Selling my KC Highlights M-Rack. These things are PRICY but are also a great, well-engineered, and versatile rack. You can mount anything to this..antennas, lights, toilets (with the optional KC toilet mount kit).

The rack came off my 2018 RAM 2500 CREW CAB. They make 2 different types, a MEGA and CREW cab. If you have 6-8" behind your rear door in cab body, then you have a MEGA cab... if your rear door ends at the frame, you have a CREW CAB.

Great shape, no damage and she has a new coat of paint on her.

You get 2 sides and 5 cross beams (same as new)

Mounting kit: KC does not offer a "mounting kit" as you just need the standard M6 Rivnut tool. Waterproof Rivnuts are cheap:

And if you need the tool it's available from any hardware store worth a dang.

Installation instructions:

I will ship for free anywhere in the continental US. If you live in Alaska I will personally deliver to your beautiful state for $1500.00 (Just need an excuse to leave the lower 48)


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