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  1. John~SWNM

    Biohazard Bumper build project

    I have been trying to stay busy during the lockdown by finally getting around to building the rear bumper for my Tacoma that Ihave been acquiring parts & materials for for a while now. It's 4 weeks or so in (I have had to take a day or so off now and then for arthritis elevations) but it's...
  2. A-Aron

    Family Overland Trailer Build - A-Aron

  3. atIOIYIOI

    Am I crazy? - building a press brake!

    Yep, you read that right! After working through the body restoration of my LandCruiser BJ70 I learned a lot about shaping metal. One of the tools that I really couldn’t have done it without was a little 14” die that I made for a small manual hydraulic press - that allowed me to make nice...
  4. Wildcat77

    Roof Rack Build

    I have a 1998 Toyota Tacoma I would like to build a roof rack bed rack combo (kinda like a ladder rack) and after alot of googling I haven't seen it done this way often. Is there a reason other than center of gravity concerns that denies people from having a vehicle length roof rack of same...
  5. Kyle & Kari Frink

    Aloha Trail Kitty Rig (2011 Jeep Wrangler/JKU)

    Figure we would start a thread about the journey our family rig has taken to get where we are, and the many more upgrades to come. Will post photos soon!
  6. Hank Outdoors

    Roof Rack Build - 2007 FJ Cruiser

    I wanted to start a build thread documenting my roof rack build for my FJ. As I type this I am about 2 weeks into the build and the project is stretching out because I am working on it in a friends shop (He has all the cool tools.) Right now I am into the project for $230 in steel. The goal is...
  7. J

    In need of Custom fabrication (Charlotte, NC)

    I just got a free NFab Bumper from someone and its a little beat up and I need someone who has a welder and all that fun stuff. I also want to add a winch mount and a center hoop to it. If anyone knows of anybody who does custom fabrication work or has a shop I could rent out around the...
  8. Smileyshaun

    joyota 73 cj5 i guess now it's a "gladiator" build

    This build starts a long long time ago with many dead ends , failures and even being sold once . The eventual goal is to build a reliable very capable crawler/snow blaster with room for 4 and space for some gear . Specs so far Basicly a SAS 87 Toyota pu 5.29s v6 diffs Arb front Detroit rear...
  9. Rob K

    Hi-Lift Jack Mount

    The Balmy 33-Degree temperature finally allowed me to get outside and do a little work! Just thought I would throw up a few pictures of the Hi-Lift mount I made to go with my tire carrier. Pretty happy with the way it came out. Just have to work on securing it with a lock. Overall...
  10. Mitchymoo

    Tundra Bumpers

    Hey All, Looking for a front bumper for the Tundra - Not lots out there, what do you like? what works and doesn't work? Thanks
  11. SLO Rob

    New(er) fab shop

    Just noticed this new shop. I love those racks... http://www.prinsudesignstudio.com/