diy roof rack

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  1. radventurer

    2016 WK2 Grand Cherokee Build

    Jeep Wahoo: 2016 Grand Cherokee Laredo I stumbled upon Jeep Wahoo by accident. Truck Norris, our gas guzzling 2013 XTerra, was a little rough to drive from the flat lands of North Eastern Ohio to our vacation destinations in the mountains. We'd made several, annual road trips out west in the...
  2. Hank Outdoors

    Roof Rack Build - 2007 FJ Cruiser

    I wanted to start a build thread documenting my roof rack build for my FJ. As I type this I am about 2 weeks into the build and the project is stretching out because I am working on it in a friends shop (He has all the cool tools.) Right now I am into the project for $230 in steel. The goal is...
  3. RedRockKY

    Surco food rack mounts

    Looking to put a roof rack on my JK , I found these bracket mounts made by Surco (J600). Was wandering if anyone runs this mounting system on there jeep and any pros and cons? I own a machine shop here in vine grove and will be making my own cross bars and basket . Thanks!-AJ
  4. CapeXterra

    DIY Roof Drop-in Xterra

    So I'd been looking at all the options of roof rack baskets out there and decided to build my own. Figured it wouldn't be hard. Looked at other peoples builds and the DepHep and Garvin drop-ins for ideas. So this DIY build I thought I'd share. It's a simple design 30"x48" Aluminum basket like...
  5. Glenn

    Bucks 2013 JKUR Build,Trails & Tales

    I bought this brand new and it has been evolving ever since it hit our driveway. I built this for trail riding and rock crawling and have 60k on it now and love it. Times change and now we want to mix the trail with the camping so the transformation is taking place and we are very excited about...