R.I.P. Beloved vehicles that are now gone (wrecked,traded in,sold,or lost in divorce)

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I miss my Suzuki Grand Vitara. Not many people are into them but it's a pretty capable little machine. It had a V6, low-range 4x4, solid rear axle, and a body on frame construction. I had mine all sorted out nicely and then I sold it to get something with more room after my first daughter was born:
I had a white one with the solid tire cover and rear spoiler. That was a sweet vehicle - lot's of power for its size, too.


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1993 K Blazer that was my first vehicle. She was more of a college daily than overlander but after deciding to quit pumping oil one day she had to be parked in my parents garage. After 2 years of not having the time, money, or resources for diagnose/repair I had to sell her. Worst part was I only got $1500