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I had it for 2 years and no problem towing it. I find the metal top cover is havie but it is solid. It's good on roads and gravel roads I did not tried it on rocky terrain ( like a Montain ) but I will do it this year I'm going to Mont Radar ( OPEN TRAIL - Domaine du Radar ) I will try it with the tent trailer.
I've only ever had mine on gravel and forest roads as well, with very minor rocky terrain. It does fine, but obviously gets bounced around quite a bit. Have fun on your Mont Radar trip!
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Who is dealer in USA for Patriot Campers?

Hi Guys, I have been towing a Patriot Campers X1GT for a year now, I think by now I know what I'm on about. This trailer manufactured in Brisbane Australia very close to an awful lot of camping. We have dragged this all over Calfornia, Arizona, Colorado, Utah. It is a wicked piece of kit. I did get the pleasure of meeting the developer/founder/builder of the trailer when I picked it up and Justin and Sarah are amazing ambassadors for their product. Matt Green of Exploration Outfitters in Oklahoma is amazing too. here's a couple of pixView attachment 64068