DIY kitchen & drawer system in 2016 runner? For NOOBS!? | OVERLAND BOUND COMMUNITY

DIY kitchen & drawer system in 2016 runner? For NOOBS!?

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Santa Cruz, CA
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Lately I have really wanted to install a kitchen setup in the back of my 4runner but I refuse to pay those prices. I do not have any building skills or power tools, I am curious of any ways to make this possible? I don't need anything crazy. (no spare tire rack to hold items)

I want a fridge on a sliding rail, (with room underneath for a Coleman grill to slide out, does not need to be attached) but also for the fridge to be covered on all sides by the cupboard minus the front of course, with one short but long pull out storage case on the side but also with room underneath for a folding table.

I hope this makes sense...

How should I even start? Should I use plywood as a base? What materials will last the longest? Aluminum?

Is it true I can put this over the wood and be worry free? Does it last, is it hard to install?

Lock in, and lock out railings are a must.

If I could get the done with just a drill I will be more than willing to get one, but I always see people doing it with power saws which I do not have access to. ALL help is appreciated.

Thank you!


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If you're not apart of it go on the 4Runners 4 life FB page and all of the 4Runner paws you can find for 5th gen 4Runners... they should have some answers.. I also saw a video on YouTube literally step by step how to make exactly what you want but can't find it now.. this is what I'll be doing in the summer

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