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  1. Gregg Pauly

    SOLD Baja Designs LP9 Sports and ARB roller drawer fridge slide for sale - SF East Bay - can ship either

    Hello. I'm in the San Francisco East Bay and can ship these at the buyer's expense. Selling a pair of Baja Designs LP9 Sports for sale with less than 10 hours of run time on them. The lights are in excellent condition. I do not have the harness for them but it can be purchased on the BD...
  2. Christian

    budget drawer built

    made from 10mm plywood and self-locking slides. frankly I need to admit that it looks like a prototype. just roughly painted, no handles etc., tie down eyes and connecting bolts for both casings are still to come. if the first field test is a success, casings might receive an anthracite...
  3. mrn3ff

    Marine fridge (drawer style) - integrated in drawer system?

    I've got a 5th gen 4Runner that I'm in the process of building a drawer system for. My dilemma with standard ARB/Engle/etc. fridges on slides, are I lose the ability of having a platform bed (for two). Still drawing and measuring the build but curious if anyone is using these drawer fridges in...
  4. SCrunner

    DIY kitchen & drawer system in 2016 runner? For NOOBS!?

    Lately I have really wanted to install a kitchen setup in the back of my 4runner but I refuse to pay those prices. I do not have any building skills or power tools, I am curious of any ways to make this possible? I don't need anything crazy. (no spare tire rack to hold items) I want a fridge on...
  5. fledwell

    FOR SALE Brand-new Goose-Gear Drawer for 80/100 Series Land Cruiser

    Brand-new Goose Gear drawer for 80 or 100 Series Cruiser. Drawer is the width of the cargo area, 8" high with 5.5" drawers equal split. Never used and just installed a TrekPak divider system in the right drawer to keep gear organized. Why am I selling? My wife and I are having a teardrop trailer...