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  1. Wanderlost

    Another Drawer Build, This One's Easy Though

    We just finished up another storage drawer system yesterday! This one isn't near as elaborate as our last, but is super easy and inexpensive to build. Can't wait to put "stuff" in it. If you're interested, we produced a detailed video of its construction.
  2. rooftentoverland

    Drawer System Build / Plans (PDF)

    Hi everybody, as I have a workshop and like to build things as well as fit them properly, I decided to build my own drawer system. That way they are also a bit cheaper, and we got a system exactly the way we wanted it. We were looking at different slide out versions, and decided that a drop...
  3. Zack

    Side trim panels for ARB drawers for 4runner

    Hi all. I am going to be installing ARB drawers (specifically 2 of the RDRF945US) in my 5th gen 4Runner and I was wondering if anyone had experience with fabricating or modifying the Land Cruiser version of the trim panels? ARB currently does not make a 4Runner specific version. Any...
  4. Esteban

    Este's X

    This is my third Build since my off-road and camping adventures began about a decade ago. I chose to build my X in 5 stages: Protection, Electrical, Comfort, Storage, Suspension & Tires. Note: Currently on stage 4 of 5. 2011 Nissan Xterra Pro-4x Why an X? Affordable, Nimble, Factory Locker...
  5. BEAR

    Free storage drawers

    hey everyone. I have storage drawer that came out of an old battalion chiefs rig. The plus side it’s free and it’s pretty nice. The down side it’s heavy. I need it gone soon. It’s in Rodeo California. Bay Area. Call or text me on my cell (925)389-8504 30 1/4” w 49 3/4” Long w/ turn knob 23...
  6. T4R_ninja

    DIY Kitchen/Storage system for 5th Gen 4runner

    A little interior mod for the runner....just thought I share my drawer build with you guys! PM if you want the specs and details I will be more than happy to help you out :) Build inspired by @overlandlife
  7. SCrunner

    DIY kitchen & drawer system in 2016 runner? For NOOBS!?

    Lately I have really wanted to install a kitchen setup in the back of my 4runner but I refuse to pay those prices. I do not have any building skills or power tools, I am curious of any ways to make this possible? I don't need anything crazy. (no spare tire rack to hold items) I want a fridge on...