Colorado Diesel 4x4 Long Travel build

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Beautiful rig! Very similar set up to what I hope to do with my Silverado eventually if I can get the funds put together... Definitely going to be following to see what you do with it!
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Sonny Marton

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Finally decided on my light setup and ordered most of it. Now to decide how I will wire them up, looks like I will need another SPOD for my other accessories. Luckily I can run it off the same touch screen panel.

- Front bumper
- Pair of LP9, LED, Driving/Combo (320003)
- Not ordered yet
- 2 Pair of Squadron Pro Flush Mount Wide Cornering Amber (491015)

- Hood Lights
- GM, Colorado/Canyon (15-17) Hood Mount (640123)
- Pair of XL Pro High Speed Spot (507801)

- Roof Rack
- KC Pro6 91314 45" 7-Ring Universal

- Backup/Cargo
- RTL-S, 30" Light Bar (103004)
- Not ordered yet
- Pair of S2 Pro Flush Mount W/S Amber
- Pair of Squadron Pro W/S White (497806)

- 4 Pair of S2 Sport W/S White (547806)

Also I got the fenders painted.