Camping trip to North Fork on the Olympic Peninsula

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Laughing Otter

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Hey all...

The family and I are heading to a remote area on the Olympic Peninsula. We'll be camping for 3 nights at a primitive camp ground about 17 miles along an non maintained fire road just past Queets, Washington. Near the river, small camping area... 9 spots. Been to this area before...deer, elk, bear, bobcat...seen it all. Last time I was on the opposite side of the river at Graves Point, but been informed the fire road is closed to Graves Point as it got washed away...

We'll be there July 14th through July 17th ( that's Thurs.-Sun. ). We'll be on CB channel 33...So, any members wanting to join us are welcome. Bringing my grab~n~go telescope (hoping for clear skies). Going, rain or shine. Any members wishing to join us let me know and we can meet up in Forks.

As most people here know...I shoot with film, but I'll be bringing a digital camera as well so I can get some pics posted right away. Happy Adventuring!
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Have a great time! I look forward to the photos!


Cant wait to see some pics of the adventure
this thread is bringing back old memories for me , I was camping out there with family when Mt St Helens exploded
rt101 was so congested we decided to stay & had the whole area to ourselves for days
I've tried so many times to explain to folks back east here how we camped under tarps, they dont get it
have fun