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  1. Sylvester

    US Rocky Mountain RimRocker Trail Montrose to Moab

    Do a little Dog Training if enough Folks interested and Overland and see the Sights along RimRocker Trail and, Roubideau Trail it's a short Pretty loop trail. we will Camp First Night on Roubideau Trail View Rally Point
  2. tn_rado

    US Southeast 2022 Southeast Overland Camping Trip

    This year’s Southeast Overland Camping Trip (#2022SOC) will be held in Lancing, Tennessee at the Freedom Hills Campground. We are excited to announce that we are on a new property this year. This new property is a 45 minute drive to Windrock Park, Brushy Mountain State Penitentiary, TWRA WMA...
  3. J

    Hello My Lovely Community!

    I hope you are doing well. I would like to introduce myself! I am Jim Smith and love sharing and learning overlanding and off-roading stuff. I also wanted to connect with like-minded individual like you.
  4. E

    (Sold) 2016 Turtleback Trailer Expedition Series

    Overland trailer in excellent condition and ready for your next adventure! (Tent Not Included) Redarc Manager 30 200 aH Renogy lithium batteries 1100 Watt Inverter 50 Watt Mounted Solar 42 Gallon Water Tank 6 Gallon water heater Full Kitchen w/ Sink, 2 burner stove Huge pass through storage...
  5. Visionmercury

    US Midwest Midwest overlanding &off road expo

    Overlanding and off road expo View Rally Point
  6. killallninjas

    US Southeast Kentucky Adventure Tour (KAT) and Daniel Boone Backcountry Byway (DBBB)

    Here are some dash cam videos of a small section of the KAT/DBBB near Slade, KY. Pumpkin Hollow Road (KAT/DBBB)-- clockwise Spaas Creek Road (KAT/DBBB)-- clockwise Mountain Springs Road and Furnace Pilot Road (DBBB)-- counter clockwise
  7. DannyR53

    US West Offbrand Rooftop Tent Forsale $700

    XL Offbrand rooftop tent forsale similar to the Smittybilt Overlander XL minus the widows up top. The cover is It's in great condition along with the tent's fabric, no tips or tears. The mattress is 3 inches thick and very comfortable. All hardware is included to mount it on to your vehicle. It...
  8. Sandpoint Steve

    US Northwest Inland Northwest Monthly Conferance Call Nov 21, 2021

    Let's talk Overlanding. Dial-in number (US): (605) 472-5383 Access code: 586895# International dial-in numbers: FreeConferenceCall.com Online meeting ID: stevemarchiando Join the online meeting: FreeConferenceCall.com For additional assistance connecting to the meeting text 'Call Me' to the...
  9. A-Aron

    US Rocky Mountain Amazing training opportunity, great people, lots of fun and camping!

    Expedition Utah is hosting the annual Overland Skills Camp. There will be some extensive off-road driving training, spotting, instruction on driving in different terrains, coverage of several different recovery techniques along with training on different recovery tools. View Rally Point
  10. Sandpoint Steve

    US Northwest Inland Northwest Monthly Conferance Call - Sunday 9/19/21

    Let's talk Overlanding. Dial-in number (US): (605) 472-5383 Access code: 586895# International dial-in numbers: https://fccdl.in/i/stevemarchiando Online meeting ID: stevemarchiando Join the online meeting: https://join.freeconferencecall.com/stevemarchiando For additional assistance...
  11. S

    2021 Overlanding Trailer (Symmetry Trailer)--$10,000

    *located in Stonington, CT* Hi All! I've had my trailer for a year but I am unfortunately no longer able to keep it. Comes with the Smittybilt Overlander tent (I've had this for 3 years but it's in great shape), but I'll keep it if you don't need it. Entire setup was originally around $13k...
  12. jwright

    Oversanding Day Trip to Assateague Island

    Hi Everyone, Wanted to share my recent family trip to Assateague Island National Seashore, Maryland with the GX460. It was wonderful and worth a visit if you have the opportunity. Enjoy!
  13. FeistyFJgirl

    OB East transplant to DFW

    Toyota girl with an FJ, rolled deep in tons of groups back East, new to DFW and looking to connect with similar here!
  14. foamy_squirrel

    US East RVA Monthly Meetup / Campout

    Hello my fellow overlanders... it's time for our monthly RVA meetup. Join us for some delicious food and beverages, good times with good people! View Rally Point
  15. Geo Explore and Adventure

    Overlanding with kayaks, SUPs or Canoes

    Questions for the group: Do you haul kayaks, SUPs (Stand Up Paddle Boards), or canoes when Overlanding? What is your setup? What are the pros and cons of hauling gear on weekend or longer trips? We have camped for years and are avid kayakers. However, we are new to vehicle-based...
  16. BruisertheLand Cruiser

    US Southeast KAT!! Kentucky Adventure Tour

    FB group Venture Unknown will be returning for part 2 of the KAT! View Rally Point
  17. Ohio Valley Overland

    Cancelled THOR 2021

    The Trans-Hoosier Overland Route (THOR) is a 511 mile overlanding route that connects the Hoosier National Forest to the Indiana Dunes National Park by gravel and dirt roads. The THOR also connects three different offroading parks in western Indiana along with interesting cultural attractions...
  18. MrChris

    US West Lower 805/818 Meetup

    A group of fun-centric folks that like to talk about trips taken, trips planned, and gear...or anything else we please :) View Rally Point
  19. mwilson920

    US West Exploring Lake Mohave Area

    When we went out to the Mohave overlook a couple of weeks ago, we saw a road leading down towards the lake and wondered what was down there. So we are going to explore and see.View Rally Point
  20. Donegal Overlanding

    Cast Iron Camp Cooking : Hungarian Stew

    Whenever we post a video, any video, we get complaints about having music, when we post any without music, we get complaints that there is no music. It is a difficult thing to try to cater to different personal preferences. With this video, our friend Stelian from Romania came over and we...