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  1. canadianoverlanders

    The Healing Expedition

    Hi Everyone, We have not posted in quite sometime. We've been busy on the road and moving. This is the trailer for a series I am putting together of our expedition from Addington-Highlands Ontario to Tuktoyaktuk Northwest Territories summer of 2018. The link is to our Canadian Overlanders...
  2. WWest

    Southeast Ohio Camping

    New to the group but was wondering if anyone had any cool locations for south east Ohio to either camp or have a picnic and relax for a few hours. GPX files would be awesome!
  3. T

    New Member from AZ

    Hey guys! Excited to join the community! We’re in Mesa, Az. Our rig is a 2001 Land Cruiser. Any recommend trips here in Az to start with?? Also, any great camping areas we need to know about? We’d love any recommendations! The Rix’s
  4. A-Aron

    US Rocky Mountain Rocky Mountain Region August Meet-Up- UTAH - Southern Mountains and Barracks!

    Camping with fellow OB members in the Southern Utah mountains. Campsite will be accessible by any SUV/4WD vehicle, exact location will be posted at a later date, I just want to get it on the calendar so we can get a gauge of how many people will be attending and I'll pick a spot accordingly so...
  5. Fyris

    Adventure Southside 12-14.07.2019

    Adventure Southside - die Abenteuermesse am Bodensee hey y'all planning this year to attend at Adv Southside 12-14.07.2019 - Eigeltingen, Germany- with Camping from Saturday to Sunday. Anyone else planning to go there? Also, the company offers an Offroad Training Session in a...
  6. Polaris Overland

    EU West Europe Salisbury Plains Off Roading Meet Up

    An off roading and camping weekend over Salisbury plain - in conjunction with the Overland Adventure Club. Nik provisionally booked ten non-electric spots, however electric hookup is available, plus tin tents (caravans) are allowed and there are several units of apartments and camping type...
  7. Jeepsies

    Best Campground and Campsite Apps of 2019

    Currently on our 6th year of fulltime travel, these are the best apps that we've found. I wrote an article on them and what we use them for if you are interested. You can read that here. Campendium Allstays Camp & RV iOverlander Gaia GPS The Dyrt I'm curious if there are any campground or...
  8. SashaLee

    US Southwest Grand Canyon - North Rim

    Hi- We are in the beginning stages of planning a camping / off road trip to the Grand Canyon. Leaving from Long Beach, Ca on June 25th and headed back on the 29th or 30th. Going to the North Rim making a base camp and exploring from there. Camping in the dispersed areas and packing in / out...
  9. mep1811

    My DIY article in Toyota Trails magazine

    The latest issue of Toyota Trails magazine has my DIY side table article. I have found this side table to be very useful. Hope you enjoy. Toyota Trails - May/June 2019 Issue
  10. A-Aron

    US Rocky Mountain Camping and Exploring Capitol Reef NP - Utah - Look for OB Flag off Notam-Bulldog road

    Camping Memorial Day weekend - BLM land off Notam-Bullfrog Road on the East side of Capitol Reef NP - Check GPS Coords We'll be traveling the Cathedral Valley Loop on Saturday May 25 - more information available here: Cathedral Valley - Capitol Reef National Park (U.S. National Park Service)...
  11. Jedi

    US Northwest NWOR 2019 Overland Bound Campsite

    NWOR 2019 is setting aside an camping area for Overland Bound members!
  12. Jedi

    US Northwest Yellowbottom / Quartzville Cleanup and Campout

    Cleaner Greener Oregon Is hosting our first ever biannual CLEAN UP with the bonus annual CAMPOUT!! Camping is available from Friday May 3rd, 2019 - Sunday May 5th, 2019 (camping fee paid for) CLEAN UP ON SATURDAY MAY 4TH, 2019 Games and family fun after clean up is over *Please bring all...
  13. Wolfy

    Tunnel Camp Ghost Town, Seven Troughs Range, Nevada

    What kind of person leaves a perfectly comfortable modern home in the city, drives out the interstate to a lonely road, to a lonelier road, to a dirt road to a two track and finally stops, gets out to gaze with reverence upon, explore and photograph a wrecked and abandoned mining town at the...
  14. Jeffrey Dill

    Electric blankets for cold weather camping

    Does anyone have any experience with using portable electric blankets for staying warm in cold weather camping? Either one that's actually made to be portable via a rechargable battery pack or a "normal" one plugged into something like a Jackery or a GoalZero. I've been researching a lot of...
  15. Rubi_Expedition

    Father Son Trip...

    Hey Y'all, Looking for some help here and would appreciate any insight and support. Every year I plan a dudes trip for my sons, I have 4 and when they turn 12 they get to join the "Dudes trip". We talk about dude stuff, like how to become a good young man then a man of their own one day. It's a...
  16. mep1811

    Arctic Adventures in a Vintage Land Cruiser Pt 2 in TCT Magazine

    Part two of my three part series Arctic Adventures in a Vintage Land Cruiser is now live in TCT magazine . The article starts on page 41. I hope you enjoy the article and I look forward to your comments...
  17. Norcal Overlanders

    Utah Expedition

    Hey Guys Headed to Utah April 12th, in the planning stages for the route. We are leaving Sacramento and going via salt lake city to Moab then heading south through the national parks and leaving Utah from St George back via Vegas. Total trip is 8 days Looking for route ideas and camp sites...
  18. Nickzero

    MPAC Spring Tail - JK Tailgate Table

    For the JK Jeepers! I found MPAC online a few months ago while searching for a tailgate table. The cost was right for the quality they seemed to offer. I noticed the table was versatile with the addition of molle holes and rugged with a nice powder coat finish. I decided to give the company a...
  19. Dave_brez

    Windrock Shenanigans - March 22-24, 2019

    A few of us from the Nashville, TN thread showed interest in exploring Windrock OR park. Lets figure out time/place and camping plans. We'll plan to leave Friday afternoon, return Sunday. If you're interested post up in here!
  20. Nickzero

    Tacking the TAT April 1st 2019

    Whats up guys! My girl friend and I will be attempting the 'Trans American Trail' on April 1st 2019 in our black 2017 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited 6-speed. We have branded ourselves and now have our own You Tube channel up and running. The name of the channel is Nikko and Lee. Feel free to...