Brock's 2000 XJ Build

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I am Brock, member 16156, and this is my XJ Build Thread.

I have recently purchased a Copart 2000 XJ 4dr Sport. Best part of that is that it was never registered as a Salvage Vehicle! Friday I am driving to the middle of Michigan to pick it up.

Plans for the XJ are to build it as a Overland/Camping/Snow Wheeling Vehicle.

I already know I have to replace the front grill and shroud along with a headlight. Also I will be replacing some doors due to rust.

Items that I have ordered for it and plan on ordering and installing after a basic tune up are as follows...


Rough Country 4.5 in X Series Lift Kit
Rough Country 50" Curved Dual LED Bar
Rough Country Light Bar mount kit
Daytona Steelies- 15x8 (5x4.5 pattern)


Rough Country Slip Yoke Eliminator Kit
Rough Country Rear Drive Shaft
Ruff Stuff Chassis Stiffener Kit
Ruff Stuff Chassis Front Stiffener Kit
LED Headlights
LED Interior lights
New radio and speakers
Front Winch Bumper
Rear Bumper with Tire Carrier
Roof Rack
33" Tires

I hope to have the suspension, along with the wheels and tires installed by mid April. As that would allow me some time to tweek and tune the XJ so I can attend the Hoosier Rallypoint in June.

Thanks for reading!56628768_Image_1.JPG 56628768_Image_2.JPG 56628768_Image_3.JPG


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I’ve been looking at Copart vehicles. How much did this end up costing you if you don’t mind saying.


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Hello all. It's been a while since I've updated.

The project is going great!

I got the XJ home from Michigan. What a trek! 6 hours there and 6 back on horrible roads and in snow.

Picking the Jeep up from Copart was pretty easy. You walk in the office and wait your turn for a employee to assist you. You give them the lot number and some basic info. They process the info and you pay. I was told to go to the gate with the trailer and it was all mine!

So my buddy and I got outside and got the trailer in place to pull the XJ on to it. Well the Cat driver was nice and placed it on the trailer for us!

So we strapped it down and headed out.

We got home about half past midnight. I was wiped.

20190201_165139.jpg 20190201_165145.jpg

About a week later I was able to find some time to go over everything with the XJ. You know the "does it actually run? How much rust is there? Is the body straight?" Etc...

I knew there was rust but I did not expect the drivers floor board to be rusted through. But I am so glad that there are replacement floor boards for this thing! So not a huge ordeal.

I also knew that I would need front end body work. Grille, header panel etc. But literally everything else is pretty much in working order and spectacular. Considering it was a $225 vehicle lol.

I have done some work to it already. Fixed the front end and installed new lights, tailgate lift supports and a 50 inch light bar. I will do a another post on those things.

Thanks for taking a peek and check back for updates!


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