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  1. emtbfrey

    SOLD For Sale - OREGON - 2018 Toyota Tacoma DCLB TRD OR - 75k - $40,000

    Looking to let go of my Tacoma to make the jump to a Tundra. I've really enjoyed the capability and reliability of the Tacoma, just looking for a little more space for the long road trips and all the hobbies that come along. It's been a work in progress over the last three years building to the...
  2. Tommys

    Texas Overland Expo 2021

    Recently, the Tx Avid Outdoor Expo was set in the hill country of Texas. With weather being wet before the party, after, hundreds showed up. It was a blast with a diversity of rigs and people. See more here: TX outdoor xpo 21
  3. SaltyYogurtSnek

    Snek's Raptor

    Just picked up my new toy and will be slowly modding it so that it is more capable while exploring. This truck is replacing my Toyota FJ which was very capable off road. However, it was not very comfortable to drive to and from work and as my kids have grown there just wasn't much room for us...
  4. croakthedj

    15k overland first rig

    First off this group forum family internet rabbit hole of knowledge is fantastic. I'm learning. For that thank you. Now I just have to remember it all. Back to macro. I am in a position to spend 15k on a new daily driver/ overland vehicle. I have had dodge ford chevy and have even gone off...
  5. Threads

    We did a thing

    Well.......we traded the Nissan 2019 V6 2WD
  6. H

    Wrangler vs Toyota 4runner

    I've read through many posts on wrangler vs toyota, but it always seems like it just depends on the persons needs. So I'd like some help from you guys on deciding on which overlanding rig to buy. I'm trying to decide between a new 2020 JLU Rubicon, or a new 2020 4runner (thinking about the...
  7. 76_overlander

    Time for a change...

    Hi folks, After a great long chat with @Chris.n.world (thanks for your generosity and time) i think it’s time to sell my Jeep Wrangler. This is still a struggle to me but i think i need to open my eyes and accept some facts here… My jeep is unique. I love it. And i hate it. I love the fact...
  8. brockburnard

    Brock's 2000 XJ Build

    I am Brock, member 16156, and this is my XJ Build Thread. I have recently purchased a Copart 2000 XJ 4dr Sport. Best part of that is that it was never registered as a Salvage Vehicle! Friday I am driving to the middle of Michigan to pick it up. Plans for the XJ are to build it as a...
  9. ovrlndr

    What is your absolute favorite modification you've made to your rig?

    I have a few top contenders (RTT, sPOD, lights, fridge, AEV tire carrier) but, I think mine might be the ARB Twin compressor I mounted under the hood... what's yours?
  10. Hank Outdoors

    What is your favorite nonessential rig add-on?

    I'm not talking about armor or lift kits, bumpers or roof racks, but the little extras that make you smile because they are just cool or make your rig stand out in your mind...
  11. Hard Rock

    Rig Headliner Patch Collection

    What is everyone using to adhere their patches? I have the Mopar headliner kit and its more like a fabric than plastic like the Hotheads. Just double sided tape? I would think after enough time in the heat they would just fall off.
  12. NW Adventure & Overland

    Tires, what do you use on the trail?

    We are looking to get new tires for our rig and are looking at the BFG KO2's. What do you run and why?
  13. Rob K

    Leaf-Sprung Rigs

    I've owned my 93 Wrangler 'YJ' for almost 8 years now and it does okay on local roads and the occasional highway run. I've taken one 1,000 mile weekend road trip to western PA and it was rough, pun intended. I thought after that I would be confined to the local camp spots because of my...
  14. D

    Instagram - Dedicated Overland Rig Pages

    This thread is to share you dedicated Instagram Overland Rig pages. Please follow the post format below. Post Format Your Name (First Is Fine) Instagram Username Overland Bound # (If you have one) Year/Make/Model of your rig State you reside in Please only post public pages not private...
  15. D

    Overland Sleeping Setup

    Hello, How have you set up your sleeping arrangements for Overland trips. Does it change depending on the trip? Do you sleep inside your vehicle on a custom built set up, in a tent on the ground or in a RTT (roof top tent). Please post photos and descriptions of your setup.
  16. Remington_PRO4X

    Southern Wisconsin Meet Up

    Would anybody be interested in doing a Southern Wisconsin Meet Up? We could meet at one of the amazing breweries in the area and talk shop and enjoy a couple cold ones! Let me know if there is any interest!
  17. Simon Wolfe

    OB License Plate?

    I was walking up to Oliver the other day and noticed that my OB badge is cool but fairly small. Then I took a walk around Oliver, I have three OB stickers on Oliver one each side and the badge up front, and noticed that they were fairly small as well. This all got me thinking, I'm flying down...
  18. blacklaboutdoors

    SOLD Sold.

    2014, Toyota, Tacoma, TRD Sport, 4X4, double cab, 5ft bed, 47K miles, loaded overland/desert rig. (619)387-8552 Icon Stage-4 coilover suspension, BF Goodrich 33" TKO2, allow wheels, body mounts plated, Pelfreybilt hybrid front bumper, 10,000lb waterproof winch with synthetic cable, Rigid dual...
  19. FrankRoams

    Debating full size or FJ Cruiser

    I am not posting this thread to get a clear winner, I know ultimately this is base on my needs and only I can decide that. I am posting this to hear ideas, experiences, and maybe cautions. I want to hear what you love, what you would have done differently in retrospect. So here's where I am at...
  20. ngurney

    4Runner VS Jeep Wrangler Unlimited

    Hey Everyone! I am really excited to be a part of this community. I joined in preparation to buying my rig on purpose, I want your input! These are the two up in the running. Ideally I would love to hear from people who have owned both, and can give me pros and cons of each. I am looking for...