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  1. Ohio Valley Overland

    Cancelled TREADS AND TURNS

    This is a social gathering of Overland Bound Members that are interested in snow sports like skiing, snowboarding and tubing.View Rally Point
  2. Kevinista

    US Midwest Snow Run January 2021

    Read all the rally details so you and I are not disappointed.View Rally Point
  3. Ohio Valley Overland

    US Midwest Midwest Winter Meetup

    This is a chance to meet other overlanders and do a little sliding down a hill on your choice of skis, snowboards or tubes
  4. RollingFortress

    US Northwest Übersled 2020

    Sledding Party/Snow Camping weekend with friends and fun. Starting Friday 24th and Ending the 26th. Friday will be Cosmic Tubing at 9:30 and Saturday will be at White River Sno-Park West all day. Music, Potluck and IgloosView Rally Point
  5. Polaris Overland

    EU West Europe North Coast 500 Winter Trip

    So who fancies a North Coast 500 Winter Trip seeing in the New Year and hopefully the Northern Lights. We will be ending 2019 and starting 2020 the way it should be on an epic road trip. This is Scotlands answer to the Route 66 only better. For those that have tackled the route in summer with...
  6. Polaris Overland

    EU West Europe Wanlockhead Inn Winter Shakedown

    Weekend meet and opportunity to shake down your winter camping preparations at Scotland's Highest Pub. We will endeavour to put together some training modules to ensure everyone gets the full benefit of the weekend. Anyone willing to offer their expertise is greatly appreciated. This is also a...
  7. King

    (Poll) Would love everyone's input on light bar size, reference pics included

    I have decided to go with the Extreme LED X6/X6s series light bar for my rig. This will be placed in the front plate bumper and no matter what size I choose I will need to take material off the bumper. Last year I took a trip to South Lake Tahoe and was caught in a snow storm. I was driving a...
  8. overl4nd

    US West Event Cancelled - Mormon Emigrant Trail Snow 4x4 run - 02/17/2019

    Snow wheeling on the MET, going till the going gets impossible. This is our rally point. We will group here and then head to sly park road
  9. Peter Radsliff

    Snow in SF Bar Area (Feb 2019)

    Where can someone go in the SF Bay Area to wheel a bit in this rare snow that isn’t closed off by the CHP?
  10. overl4nd

    US West Snow drive Rally point near Folsom highway 50 - 02/02/2019

    Gas Station (ARCO) just before we hit the trails to tank up View Rally Point Details
  11. brockburnard

    Brock's 2000 XJ Build

    I am Brock, member 16156, and this is my XJ Build Thread. I have recently purchased a Copart 2000 XJ 4dr Sport. Best part of that is that it was never registered as a Salvage Vehicle! Friday I am driving to the middle of Michigan to pick it up. Plans for the XJ are to build it as a...
  12. overl4nd

    US West Snowy trails for lightly modified GX's within 3-4 hours of the bay area SFO

    With the storms rolling in, we are thinking of doing a day trip from the Bay area. The rigs are mildly lifted (mostly GX) and couple of us have Winches too. Looking for some forest trails reachable within 3-4 hours from Bay area where we can off road in not so deep snow. We earlier thought...
  13. Arepas

    Advise a Noob: What gear should I have for a winter storm

    I am traveling through the Sierras this week and weather forecast is expecting up to 8 inches of snow, Should I be worried? what gear besides chains and basic tools should I have? Car: Stock jeep rubicon (JKU), Stock tires (BFGoodrich's mud-terrain T/A KM).
  14. WellFuch

    First Snow Switzerland Trail - 10/14/2018

    Hey guys, getting new tires today and figured why not go check out the fresh snow! View Rally Point Details
  15. Bandit

    Post your best "I am really stuck" photos here!

    Ok, so you like to go off the pavement but of course you NEVER get stuck right? lol :tearsofjoy: I think we have all gotten in a bit too deep before. So post your best photo of your rig when the recovery gear had to come out. See one of my recent ones below...
  16. 18Runner

    Winter Utah Trails and Camping

    Every February, I do a Utah Ski trip with a group of outdoor enthusiasts ranging from a half dozen to dozen. This year, with the snow looking so thin, two of us are planning to drive our rigs up (from San Diego). We're hoping to find some good winter trails and campsites that are accessible...
  17. Smileyshaun

    Snow much fun

    post up your favorite snow travel pics
  18. Laughing Otter

    First Snow!! Very excited...time for winter fun!

    Well, we got our first snow on Thursday...woke up to about 2-1/2 inches blanketing our area. Of course we are about 500+ feet above town, lol, so by the time I drove down to town, (at sea level), all they got was a very light I snapped these pics at the gas station while I fueled...
  19. Yngstr

    Winter driving And exploring

    Winter is my favorite time to go exploring! Snow and ice bring a solitude and challenge that are not faced any other time of year. With the right mindset and a few extra pieces, winter exploring and camping can become some of your most memorable exeperiences. Chaining up and slowing down allow...
  20. MA_Trooper

    Stay Safe Out There! And Show Us Your Snow!

    With the Nor'easter bearing down on the North East I just want to say, stay safe if you have to venture out. But I also want to see your snow. So check in with some snow pics throughout the storm!