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  1. gummybear

    2001 Jeep XJ build

    Hey guys, so I am starting my 97 XJ build today. I have owned this jeep for about 8 years now. I haven't done much with it since life has gotten in the way, deployments, moving, job etc but now I am selling my 2016 chevy Colorado to save some money. I am planning on using my Jeep as a daily...
  2. ManXj&Dog

    Looking for a group of friendly for 4th july run.

    My wife and I are trying to plan a short weekend trip from Ohio down to Virginia to run the bald mountain trails for the the 4th of July weekend with our 2 younger daughters. We're looking for a couple of beginners to meet up with who might be willing to make the tun as well. We wanna be at...
  3. brockburnard

    Brock's 2000 XJ Build

    I am Brock, member 16156, and this is my XJ Build Thread. I have recently purchased a Copart 2000 XJ 4dr Sport. Best part of that is that it was never registered as a Salvage Vehicle! Friday I am driving to the middle of Michigan to pick it up. Plans for the XJ are to build it as a...
  4. American Off-Road Club

    92 XJ Maxxine

    If you read this from the beginning, know that this is updated in real time, and updates will occour. I've been building my rig for about 3.5 years. I'll dig up the old pictures and show y'all where it all began. Every square inch of this thing has been touched. To add to that, every...
  5. R

    Tacoma, XJ or 4Runner

    I am new here, and just getting into overlanding. I drive 90 miles to work and back and I want to buy a rig that I can build into an overland rig and a DD. I am stuck between a Newer Tacoma, XJ and a 3rd gen 4Runner. What do yall think would be the better choice for me?