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  1. theMightyGoose

    New Goal Zero Yeti 500x

    Just wanted to share some information on the new Goal Zero Yetis. I'm a new convert to fridges from rotomolded coolers. Got a new Dometic CFX3 55im, and thought that's all I needed in a 4Runner for extended road trips. Then I learned about OEM vs. deep cycle vs. dual battery setup vs...
  2. MEB77

    Yeti vs Pelican cooler quick overview

    Yeti vs Pelican cooler quick overview Owning both a Pelican and a Yeti cooler I have been asked many times which is better or which I prefer. So I decided to write a review. Just a not this is not comparing apples to apples its more like apples to pears as the Yeti is a 65L cooler and the...
  3. S

    Yeti and Yolo - My Adventure Story

    Recently I met the full time adventurers and off-roading gurus Yeti and the Wild Yolo. I am sure some of you are familiar with them. Here is a short video we created for them. It's called My Adventure Story, check it out.
  4. S

    Beginning the Adventure Life Style

    Hi I am a new member from Iowa and thanks to some off road adventurers named Yeti and Yolo, I am starting to turn my 2011 Chevy Colorado into an Overland Truck. I am about to have twins so I want to start a rig we can all enjoy together. If anyone has suggestions on where to start, I am all...
  5. WillyGoat

    Bear Proof Containers

    My wife and I are heading to the Tennessee Mountains in April. The camp site we are staying at does not have bear proof boxes to put your food in. Soooooo, anyone have any dry box manufacturers they recommend or home builds they suggest? The boxes will be kept in my military trailer in the...
  6. Laughing Otter

    Strange occurrences and tales of the unexplained!

    I'm most likely going to be alienated, laughed at, ostracized, and maybe even talked about as the "crazy" guy here on OB.......BUT, my curiosity is the driving force here. As some of you know, I am a professional backpacking and kayaking guide, I also teach primitive skills survival. I...
  7. NorthStar96

    RTIC Coolers. Free shipping. Half the price of Yeti

    Found this today. Thought anyone considering a big purchase on a cooler could save a few simoleans. Money back Guarantee. Guaranteed for like 7 yrs. has more capacity then a Yeti. 10 days of ice. Look almost identical to a Yeti. wow. This could be the find of the week. heres the link...