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  1. gooroo_dougie

    Sequoia NF - Piute Mtn - Jan/Feb

    Hey all! New to the community, transitioning from backpack camping to vehicle-based adventuring. I drive lots of dirt utility roads in the SoCal backcountry for work, but have started getting out on my own now, mostly truck trails and campgrounds while I kit out for longer trips and dispersed...
  2. Polaris Overland

    EU West Europe Wanlockhead Inn Winter Shakedown

    Weekend meet and opportunity to shake down your winter camping preparations at Scotland's Highest Pub. We will endeavour to put together some training modules to ensure everyone gets the full benefit of the weekend. Anyone willing to offer their expertise is greatly appreciated. This is also a...
  3. Dessmo

    Winter expedition

    Out testing the rig under winter conditions, nice My small kerosine stove is enough to have a relatively comfortable temperature inside, outside it is around 23F.
  4. Arepas

    Advise a Noob: What gear should I have for a winter storm

    I am traveling through the Sierras this week and weather forecast is expecting up to 8 inches of snow, Should I be worried? what gear besides chains and basic tools should I have? Car: Stock jeep rubicon (JKU), Stock tires (BFGoodrich's mud-terrain T/A KM).
  5. DaveFromAustria

    Winter rated Mud Tires?

    Hi there! Does anyone know of winter rated mud tires? Cheers David
  6. Tinker

    Winter Motorcycle Camping, Michigan NW LP

    Looking back on it now I think "cabin fever" might've put better judgement in a backseat to looking for an adventure when I decided to pack up the bike this weekend & head north into the forest... before spring's even started... but oh well it was a hell of a challenge & good fun in the end...
  7. 18Runner

    Winter Utah Trails and Camping

    Every February, I do a Utah Ski trip with a group of outdoor enthusiasts ranging from a half dozen to dozen. This year, with the snow looking so thin, two of us are planning to drive our rigs up (from San Diego). We're hoping to find some good winter trails and campsites that are accessible...
  8. Laughing Otter

    First Snow!! Very excited...time for winter fun!

    Well, we got our first snow on Thursday...woke up to about 2-1/2 inches blanketing our area. Of course we are about 500+ feet above town, lol, so by the time I drove down to town, (at sea level), all they got was a very light I snapped these pics at the gas station while I fueled...
  9. Yngstr

    Winter driving And exploring

    Winter is my favorite time to go exploring! Snow and ice bring a solitude and challenge that are not faced any other time of year. With the right mindset and a few extra pieces, winter exploring and camping can become some of your most memorable exeperiences. Chaining up and slowing down allow...
  10. MidwestTim

    Event Cancelled - thanksgiving in the woods

    camping and logging roads in wayne national forest, we will be meeting up on Friday morning and staying until sunday, I am bringing a deep fryer and turkeys along with a few side dishes. me and member swafftybuilt will be hosting this event. camping is free! feel free to contact me with any...
  11. Remington_PRO4X

    Winter Camping

    Hello All, With cold weather approaching it makes it difficult to get outdoors (especially with kiddos). This year I am considering venturing into the world of winter camping. Other than the obvious warm clothes and correct sleeping bag for the temperature. What do you recommend for...
  12. Northernlady

    Winter Overlanding

    It is that time of year (at least here in Northern BC) where the weather is getting cooler and winter is coming. Who goes overloading in winter and what changes do you make to your rig and equipment? I want to get out as much as possible but I have never winter camped and want to be as prepared...
  13. SeguineJ

    PA to the Keys

    Alright guys and gals, I am starting my trip planning for my winter off. I work seasonally and collect a paycheck in the winter months without having to work. I know it is pretty great. This winter I am looking to play snowbird, yes at 25 my parents are super jealous. Anyway, I am looking to...
  14. Laughing Otter


    More snow today. The air is crisp, clean...cold. There's an inherent beauty in the coldness of winter. I love winter...
  15. dhossk

    CanadianJeepers - WinterWheeling

    Having some fun in the snow with a buddy, brought to you by 2 guys from Canada and the Great White North
  16. UtahOverlander

    Is it winter yet?

    After putting on my Overland Bound Emblem, the second modification I am going to make to my Jeep Rubicon Hard Rock is going to be the automatic, self starting, snow removal shovel mod. Heber City, UT 1/12/2017
  17. UtahOverlander

    Winter Overland Tips

    Post your winter overland and winter camping tips: Tip #1) A 10% chance of snow in your camping vicinity means there is 100% chance that it will snow on your campsite. Just plan on it!! Moab, UT Sunday January 8, 2017.
  18. UFOverland

    Southern Utah Winter 4x4 Jamboree, January 19-21 2017

    Hey there fellow overlanders! We have a great opportunity coming up to get outdoors, have some fun, and spread the word about overland bound. I would like to invite all of you to join me in participating at the 2017 Winter 4x4 Jamboree. This event takes place at Sand Hollow State park, located...