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  1. dzahler

    Sherpa Winches

    I've been doing my research on a winch and had just about settled on biting the bullet on a Warn Zeon 10K, but then Sherpa winches showed up. They are an Australian based company, but is now distributing in the US. The attractive thing that set it apart for me is that Uses cut steel gears...
  2. fledwell

    FOR SALE Warn M8274 Winch *Brand New & Still in Box*

    I have a brand-new Warn M8274 winch I purchased for a restoration project but as the costs of the restoration are escalating, I'm selling the winch to offset some of those costs. The winch is brand-new, never used and still in the original box. I paid $2,150 and am willing to sell for $2,000...
  3. Y

    Squirrel - 2017 Ram Rebel build

    I've made a few changes since purchasing the truck, November 2017 which are predominantly function tweaks. The next phase is capability within my requirements for the truck. This truck needs to do three things well. Chase Vehicle - My wife is an ultra-marathoner. During a 100 mile race, she...
  4. Desert Runner

    Winch battery safety

    When using a winch, has it ever become a runaway, due to an electrical short? Have you done anything to minimize this from happening? As this poses a dangerous and destructive situation to your vehicle, has anyone installed a safety switch? or installed one separate from the battery. First...
  5. Boostpowered

    What type of winch is everyone using?

    What winch do you prefer? Hand winch or electric? Why? I use a 8000lb hand winch that is used on the farm. My reasons being its light, cheap, will fit under my rear seat with other recovery gear and can be used anywhere
  6. Nomadik Nova

    Come-a-long for 4Runner?

    Looking for opinions on the use of a comealong with my '16 T4R Trail until I decide which bumper & winch combo I want. I know comealongs are not rated for overhead lifting, but is it possible to use it as a manual/hand-operated winch out on the trail? I don't plan on any serious...
  7. amont77

    Wanting to switch from cable to synthetic winch rope

    Ok guys/gals, I've been looking into making a switch to synthetic line, but have been getting mixed opinions. A couple of months ago I jumped on a deal I found on a Superwinch TS9500 steel cable winch, the price was too go to pass up at the time and I figured I could switch out the cable later...
  8. JacobFeuerman

    Badland Winch Review & Testing

    Harbor Freight sponsored the Jeep with a 12,000 lbs Badland ZXRWinch to do product testing on in an Overland environment to see how it holds up. I received the winch yesterday and installed it on a 2017 Jeep JKU with the Rugged Ridge XHD Modular Front Bumper. The installation is very straight...
  9. 4xFar Adventures

    Recovery 101: Overlanding Survival Skills - 02/10/2018

    **This is an Overland Bound sanctioned event** Do you have a capable 4x4, but aren't sure what to do if you get stuck? Maybe you have some recovery gear (or are thinking about purchasing gear) and want to learn how to safely use it. Then this class is for you! Details below. ADVANCE...
  10. RichieFromBoston

    like new SMITTYBILT X2O 12K synthetic

    built in 2017 mounted for 3 months remote is wireless or wired aluminium hawse fairlead all mounting hardware. located in ma.400.00 pd 650 4months ago text 508-718-8253
  11. Mitchymoo

    Tundra Bumpers

    Hey All, Looking for a front bumper for the Tundra - Not lots out there, what do you like? what works and doesn't work? Thanks
  12. Bonjurns

    TUNDRA OWNERS: C4 Fabrication needs a '14+ Tundra for bumper fitment.

    Long story short: I really like the look and general build quality of the C4 Fab stuff, particularly their lo-pro winch bumpers they have for both the 4 runner and Taco. I've got a Tundra, and emailed them to ask if they would build a Tundra version- they said they'd like to, but they need a...
  13. Red Beard

    Rear winch and/or trailer winch how many of you are running one?

    I am in the process of building my rig and trailer. I have 3 new in box winches sitting in my garage. One of them I purchased for the truck for the front. The other 2 I actually won in a raffle at an off road meet. The wife and I travel solo a lot into the marshy areas if the Texas coast line...
  14. T

    Introducing Myself

    Hey Folks, I'm the infamous OutlawJoseyFails. I live in TN. I came to have an interest in overlanding because I inherited a 1991 Toyota pickup from a friend of mine who passed away about a year ago. It's a 5 speed 22RE. Right now its pretty standard-ish. 31 Inch A/T mud and snow tires...
  15. cbechtold


  16. 4xFar Adventures

    OB Approved Warn XD9000i Winch Solenoid Replacement

    One of the great things about Warn winches is their serviceability. When I first got my XD9000i it wouldn't go into freespool. The entire planetary gear assembly was removed, cleaned and got a fresh coating of grease and hasn't had an issue in over 7 years of ownership. Late last Fall there...
  17. RichieFromBoston


    NEW IN THE BOX, IM NOT SHIPPING SO LOCALish only. This is new,never opened I went with a 12K version. So if you live close by and want a new in box winch well shoot me a text 508-718-8253 375.00
  18. ClearwaterScott

    LR4 Hidden Winch Install Est.

    I picked up a terra-firma hidden winch mounting plate and got a great deal on a superwinch from one of our fellow members here. :). Reviewing a number of sites on how to go a about doing the install I got scared away from doing the project myself. I just don't feel like I am ready to cut pieces...
  19. macr88

    Winch Damper Video

    Hello, thought I would share the usefulness or lack thereof of a winch damper video that I came across shortly after purchasing my winch dampers for recovery situations. I did return them after watching this video though. Let me know what you guys think? Should I have kept them?
  20. chrispartida

    5/8" Hitch pins

    Has anyone got a recommendation for a fail-safe hitch pin? I have front and rear receivers, and picked up a winch on a cradle recently. I don't want to find myself the subject in one of those sheared hitch pin horror stories I hear about every so often (though, I've never seen photos). Can...