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  1. Embark With Mark

    My Tool Storage Setup, What's Yours?

    For years I have been using bags to store my tools, finally I said enough. I was tired of shuffling through bags of tools to find the right socket or wrench. The tool bags also started to annoy me because any time I wanted to put my dogs or camping gear in the back of my jeep I had to rearrange...
  2. Lazlo

    Basics for FZJ80 maintenance

    Hello to everyone, I’m new and quite excited to have gotten a 1996 FZJ80 currently getting some body work, paint, and a mechanical “once over” at Proffitt Resurrection. I’m a surgeon, pretty good with my hands, and while I can take a spleen out blindfolded I’m not sure where to find an oil...
  3. Wildland Outdoors

    Vehicle Tools (Merged thread)

    After reading @ShawnR's post about sockets I figured a good thread to start would be one on what tools at a minimum should someone carry in their rig. This would be a good place for newer people to come and get an idea on what to carry. Right now I carry: Screwdrivers Wire stripper/crimper...