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  1. Iridium

    US Rocky Mountain Fort Collins Meet-up/help me not ruin my suspension

    Been a member of this group for over a year and have met many people from all-over the state but hardly seem to have met/run-into anyone from Northern Colorado. Come hang out and help me not ruin my suspension install! View Rally Point
  2. hapa_rnr

    FS: (NorCal) Dobinsons Springs C59-729

    DOBINSONS REAR OFFSET HEIGHT KDSS COIL SPRINGS FOR TOYOTA 4RUNNER AND FJ CRUISER 2" LIFT (C59-729) Toyota 4Runner 2003 to 2009 4th Gen Toyota 4Runner 2010 to 2019 5th Gen Toyota FJ Cruiser 2006-2015 Lexus GX460. Rear Coil Options, with KDSS. C59-729 - 600-800LB extremely heavy rear load weight...
  3. ThunderwingLC

    FJ80 Land Cruiser suspension upgrade from stock

    Hi all, I have a 91' Land Cruiser on 35 inch tires, everything else is stock. We are starting to put some weight in the car with all the camping gear (like a fridge) and the road feels pretty bumpy. I wanted to upgrade the suspension so things aren't shaking around as much when overlanding and...
  4. TheGreatWhiteBuffalo

    6" lift on Tacoma?? For serious use...

    Hey guys. I’ve owned a 2016 taco for a few years, finally got it all decked it out with armor, tires, etc. I had full BP-51 setup on it and loved it. Loved off roading it and actually took it on some pretty rough stuff. I had all steel armor below, slid down rocks, got a little flexy with a tire...
  5. 1776_overland

    4Runner Sway Bar Quick Disconnects/Setups?

    What's going on OB family! I have some questions about my rigs sway bars. I have a 2014 4Runner SR5 Premium with a few suspension upgrades to include King shocks with external adjustable reservoirs, +600 springs (king/icon), Icon adjustable links upper and lower, icon adjustable track bar, and...
  6. Fastlion

    Suspension help!

    Hey everyone. I’m running a Teraflex S/T2 2.5” kit with Falcon 3.1’s & 285/75/17 KO2’s. I’m not exactly happy with the articulation clearance anc think it’s sagging in the rear with just two duffel bags in the cargo area. The kit is less than a year old. Should I call Teraflex or 4 Wheel Parts...
  7. Israel Serrano


    So excited that I finally installed the Peak Suspension Eibach package! The Pro Truck Lift Kit made the truck look so much better! Next step, some new shoes for the RST! Any recommendations?
  8. AlexAtWagan

    F150 new build lift recommendations?

    Hey everyone, my buddy has an F150 he wants to start his lift build-out. I'm a Toyota guy, so I'm not really familiar with his options. Can you help? Thanks! Here's the rundown:
  9. FrankRoams

    Dual Bypass Shocks vs Air Bump Stops for Overlanding

    Looking for a shock/suspension experts here: I have been kicking around the idea of my next upgrade, I need to replace the lower arms on my FJ Cruiser so I am going to upgrade them. That is happening, the decision has been made. I am going with the Camburg stock length arms. The question I have...
  10. S

    FOR SALE Denver Metro - Icon 2" Rear Coil Springs for 03-up 4runner/07-up FJ - $150

    For Sale - Brand New Never used Icon 2" Rear coil springs for a 03-up 4Runner or a 07-up FJ. $150. Prefer local pickup in the Denver area but might be willing to ship.
  11. stickel

    Sway bar options for LC 200 with KDSS

    Has anyone out there replaced the stock sway bars in a Land Cruiser 200 series (2013 model year with KDSS)? If so, what options are available? I'm going to be installing an Icon lift and some new wheels tires soon. I'd also like to upgrade the sway bar at the same time if possible but I'm not...
  12. Kyle & Kari Frink

    Torque Specs and Checks (Wheels and Suspension)

    We personally feel that this is a subject most people either don't think of, or leave to the professionals i.e. mechanic shops/dealerships. Which is totally fine because you either don't have the tools, or knowledge/experience to do so on your own. So having a professional perform this...
  13. 805RADO

    Fitting 35"s on a Silverado

    Hello everyone! So I was trying to get some knowledge on the impacts of attempting to fit 35"s on a Silverado and I would greatly appreciate anyone input. Current set up: 2017 Z71 4x4 5.3l V8 Silverado Leveled 2.5" with Goodyear Wargler Duratrack 31"s So I found this stock set up to be quite...
  14. Dave_brez

    Lifting Your Tacoma? DO THIS FIRST!

    This is a common issue with 1st and 2nd gen Tacoma's (not sure about 3rd gens). You get your pretty new lift kit installed, and you start to hear a whirring/roaring sound coming from the drivers side front wheel. The sound comes from the needle bearing bushing in the drivers side front...
  15. K


    I DO NOT KNOW.... I have a 2017 Chevy Colorado v6 4x4 Long Bed Crew Cab. She’s a great truck, but I wanna make her an OverLanding rig. Big question on suspensions... this being a daily driver as well, what should I do for my suspension without going long travel (not good daily driver)? What...
  16. Rob K

    Leaf-Sprung Rigs

    I've owned my 93 Wrangler 'YJ' for almost 8 years now and it does okay on local roads and the occasional highway run. I've taken one 1,000 mile weekend road trip to western PA and it was rough, pun intended. I thought after that I would be confined to the local camp spots because of my...
  17. The Ocular Engineer

    The F150 Baja 1000 Chase / Overland Build

    This is how it all started. 2007 F150 XLT. I talked myself out of buying a Raptor because this truck was paid for and even after depreciating its value to zero and doing all the upgrades and modifications that planned, I would still be money ahead. At that time the list was relatively modest...
  18. A

    Fj40 Coilover conversion

    Hello everyone (I’m not sure if im posting this in the right forum section, so feel free to let me know if I should take this somewhere else) I am building a 71 Toyota Land Cruiser, and I’ve seen many pictures of these rigs with coilovers, yet I cannot seem to find any kits online. I was...
  19. Obi-Juan

    Question for fellow OB Nissan 2nd Gen Xterra Owners - Rear suspension bottoming out FIX?

    Hey fellow OB community! My current rig is a 2012 Nissan Xterra Pro-4x with only around 40k miles on it at the moment. I'm running a stock suspension, and hope to someday make some changes to it, but here is my current dilemma/question to the group.... While out exploring on the past few...
  20. ADAM H

    Suspension lift for Wrangler YJ

    Hi all, just joined the crew and i hope you guys can give me some feedback about a suspension lift for my Jeep YJ, after 25 years i believe is time to change the original one, I've saw some options for 2.5 inch lift and wondering if any have some info about the Rough Country coil and shocks...