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  1. Ceg

    US Northwest EWE Beverly Dunes Base Camp ORV Trip

    Fall camping, meet & greet, and sand dune fun. View Rally Point
  2. jwright

    Oversanding Day Trip to Assateague Island

    Hi Everyone, Wanted to share my recent family trip to Assateague Island National Seashore, Maryland with the GX460. It was wonderful and worth a visit if you have the opportunity. Enjoy!
  3. Willie Tennant

    Cancelled Advanced Recovery Gear Training

    How to recovery a vehicle in sand & how to use recovery gearView Rally Point
  4. GetOutand4WD

    Cancelled Short Notice Labor Day Trip. Hayden and Medano Pass

    I know this is short notice, but I thought some folks might want to get out for Labor Day. I am planning a trip from Villa Grove, CO over Hayden Pass. Then on to Westcliffe, CO. Head up Hermit Pass and camp. Then back out over Medano Pass to the Sand Dunes. It will be a three day trip...
  5. CampingInMay

    Oregon Sand Camping - Reedsport, OR

    One of my first posts here! I am headed to Reedsport, Oregon from Reno, NV on Thursday. Finally setting up my bed rack tomorrow to install my RTT for the maiden voyage! Hoping to make the haul in one evening starting on Thursday, but also want to have a back up camping spot in case I decide to...
  6. SLO Rob

    Pismo Beach, Ca Surf N Turf "Land Cruiser Fest"

    Pismo Beach/Oceano Dunes Turf and Surf aka Land Cruiser Fest is Nov 9th-Nov 11th. $5 to get in the park per vehicle and $10 overnight. Here's the event website below and a link to a you tube video I made there 2 years ago. It's really fun, anyone is welcome, thousands of people, NOT a calming...
  7. Jose Losoya

    Event Cancelled - Overnight Stay at SPI 3/19/2018 - 3/20/2018 - 03/19/2018

    Im going to be heading out to South padre island and camp overnight on the beach shore , anyone is more than welcome to join.
  8. Jose Losoya

    Event Cancelled - South Padre Island , Texas - 05/12/2018

    On Saturday, May 12th 2018 we will have a meet up at Edwin King Atwood Park On South Padre Island at around 5:30-6:30 Pm, Lets get a chance for all of us South Texas Members to know each other! Of Course EVERYONE is welcome to this!!! After the meet up we will travel Down the Side Of the beach...
  9. SLO Rob

    Pismo OHV Meet up April 22nd-23rd

    @O.Dfj ANy takers on coming with you to Pismo April 22nd/23rd? The weather is supposed to be perfect... I've got some people in town visiting, but I'm going to bring my kids out Saturday. -If anyone hasn't camped at Pismo OHV before. $10 bucks over night or $5 day pass. Camp anywhere. Some pit...
  10. Mademan925

    Traction Board Review

    "Are those Maxtrax?" This was the question we received whenever anyone noticed our bright orange traction boards. "No..." we explained, "They are Maxsa Innovations boards." We had been using these boards for years and they never let us down. They never broke and we were content with their...
  11. SLO Rob

    Oceano Dunes OHV

    While I'd driven on the beach a lot, I'd never ventured out into the dunes. It's actually pretty wild. The wind had made some very steep bowls, and it's not too easy to see elevation changes that can come up fast. I followed @S.L.O_X in his new project Jeep...that quadra coupled with a V8 went...