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  1. M

    Rack options

    Greetings all, I’m looking for recommendations fora one piece rack for an f250. Hopefully one that dosnt obstruct storage space in the bed like lietners do. Thanks in advance. Mike
  2. Lady_Hay

    For Sale - Los Angeles - GOBI RACK LADDER - New driver side never installed - $250 - JEEP WRANGLER 2007-2018

    I have a GOBI ladder for sale, driver side. Never been installed. I am asking 250.00. Local pick-up is preferred. No hardware, only the mounting plate. WRANGLER JK 2DOOR (2007-2018) https://www.gobiracks.com/product/gobi-jeep-wrangler-jk-rear-ladder-driver-side/ SKU: GJJKLAD-D
  3. Road

    SOLD Maine: Brand New, Still-in-Box, 50" Pioneer Rack Rear Roller - $79.00 + shipping USA

    **SOLD** For Sale: Brand New, never used, still in the box 50" Pioneer Rack Rear Roller. As seen in the last image (courtesy Pioneer), it attaches to the rear of your rack to facilitate loading RTT, ladders, lumber, sheet goods or whatever other gear/material you might put up there. Comes...
  4. cgranier

    Roof Rack (length/options/questions)

    Hey everyone! I'm trying to decide on a roof rack (model and size) for my stock 2018 4Runner TRDOR. I believe in adding as little additional weight as possible to my truck, though sometimes there's a trade-off with functionality. I also believe asking people with experience is a great way to...
  5. Bonjurns


    Selling my Leitner ACS with the following accessories: -3rd crossbar (required for larger RTT's) -2x gear pod+mounting hardware -2x double-sided rotopax mount/universal mounting plate -3x 2 gallon Rotopax (water) -1x 3 gallon Rotopax (gas) -maxtrax brackets (maxtraxx not included) -RTT brackets...
  6. CURRIN1776

    2011 F150 FX4 Build is Now Underway

    Hello Everyone, New Member and looking forward to learning and sharing. I'm in Southeast GA about an hour North of Savannah. Well versed in Survival, Prepping, Camping, etc. Lots of Offroad adventures growing up and time spent in the outdoors hunting, fishing, camping and practicing survival...
  7. eagle_A40

    SOLD RTT. Bidfoot Hard Shell. $900. South Louisiana.- - - - SOLD - - - -

    I recently purchased from previous owner but my plans have changed. I have not used this RTT. Previous owner used it a hand-full of times. In good condition. I can sent specific pics if need be. · Comes with a easy-open/close Duck Back Hard Shell · Easy to lift and position...
  8. dougruss3

    Roof rack question

    I am looking into putting a cargo rack on the Forester and was wondering if anyone has used the one that Walmart has on the shelves in their stores. I believe it is a Reese or cargo logic brand. If so what are your thoughts on it and if not what do you recommend that doesn't cost an arm or leg...
  9. D

    FOR SALE WEST - Gobi Stealth Rack - Los Angeles, CA - with Extras for JKU - 1,800

    Location: Los Angeles California Description: Gobi Stealth Rack off of a 2017 Jeep JKU Includes: Drivers Side Ladder, Sun Roof Insert, Maxtrax Brackets, Foxwing Awning Brackets, Axe/Shovel Mount, Wind Deflector Price $1,800 Shipping: None - Pick up on June 13th in Agoura Hills, CA Email...

    RAM 2500 Custom Overland Build, RTT Rack, Aux Batt, Transfer Tank, Sliders & Other Stuff!

    My goal for this rack is not just to support the weight of a RTT. Below is a list of goals for this build, The rack must provide a fair amount of Rollover protection. (Safety First) It should complement the styling of the truck. Should be modular. I will not always run the RTT. At times I will...
  11. theMightyGoose

    Easily Removable Rack

    Just got a 2019 T4R. It's going to be a daily driver, but also needs to fulfill adventure duties. So I'm having a hard time finding the right roof rack. I had a FrontRunner Slimline on my 2016 Tacoma, but it slaughtered the MPGs. It wasn't a big deal because the Tacoma wasn't a DD. But...
  12. mitchellsk8s

    Snowboard rack with rtt?

    Has anyone mounted a snowboard carrying rack while also carrying your rtt? I'd like to make this work because it's a pain to remove my rtt from the top of my rig. For context, I have a CVT rtt which takes up the entire width of my prinsu roof rack on my 2018 4runner. I do have some room up...
  13. kevhes

    US West Rhino Rack Vortex jk roof rack

    I’m selling my roof rack that has never been used. I have 2 extra cross bars that I’ll include, one is dented however. This rack is not rated enough for a rtt which is why I’m deciding against it. Rhino rack offers loads of options and add ons. Would be a perfect rack for someone who doesn’t...
  14. Delkat

    Bed Racks

    Wondering if people have opinions on bed racks for my ZR2 pickup. I have a RTT coming for Xmas and need to get a rack to mount it. I am leaning toward a 12" modular rack from CBI, Datin or Relentless. I like the idea of keeping the tent lower but maintaining some room to mount things on the...
  15. SwampcatJeep

    FOR SALE NE Oklahoma - FR Slimline II Roof Rack Accessory Mounts - FREE SHIPPING TO USA

    These will fit any FR Slimline II rack. They're not specific to the Jeep model. I sold my rack with my Jeep about 4 months ago. Kept these accessories planning to get another Slimline for my new Jeep JLU, but FR won't have their new rack design out until next year sometime and I can't wait...
  16. C

    FOR SALE Thule Xsporter Pro

    Selling Thule Xsporter Pro height adjustable truck bed rack in black. Located in Centennial, CO 80112 Retails for $800. Asking for $550 cash only. Only installed/used for 8 months, from January 2018 until August 2018. Used to mount roof top tent on back of truck bed. All parts/mounting...
  17. GHQ1

    SOLD SOLD - WA, USA $37.50 shipped CONUS -TWO Aluminum Fourtreks Clamps & Rubber Quick Fist Mounts

    SOLD as of 1:20 PM 8/24/18 Fourtreks Mounts NOTE: I had these mounts 6 mos ago and gave them to a friend who ultimately decided he did not need them. So I got them back. $37.50 shipped CONUS -- Regular PP OK (doesn't have to be F&F) TWO adjustable for round or tube rack installations...
  18. oakdalian

    Wind fairing for rhino rack platform

    Hello everyone. I've been search for this answer all over, even contacted Rhino Rack themselves and the vendor I bought my rack from but I can't seem to get an answer. Does anyone know if there is a wind fairing for the rhino rack platform? I purchased one off rhino rack but it is only for...
  19. IronPappy

    Roof Rack for XJ (Jeep Cherokee) - North Alabama

    I'm in the process of buying my rig now, and I know I'm buying an XJ. I'm searching for a roof rack that an RTT can be mounted on (not sure if that means it can have sides, or if it means it must be flat). Doesn't have to be any particular name brand, but quality is a must. As always, any...
  20. P

    FOR SALE Garvin Adventure Rack for 2005+ Nissan Xterra in Truckee, CA

    I have a Garvin Adventure Rack available with all the associated hardware. This rack is designed to connect to the stock Xterra rails. Very useful and fits nicely. I have decided to go with a complete new rack so no longer need this. The rack is in decent shape. Some scuffs and scratches...