SOLD SOLD - WA, USA $37.50 shipped CONUS -TWO Aluminum Fourtreks Clamps & Rubber Quick Fist Mounts

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SOLD as of 1:20 PM 8/24/18

Fourtreks Mounts

NOTE: I had these mounts 6 mos ago and gave them to a friend who ultimately decided he did not need them. So I got them back.

$37.50 shipped CONUS -- Regular PP OK (doesn't have to be F&F)

TWO adjustable

for round or tube rack installations e.g.: GOBI (but can work on square (Rhino, FrontRunner maybe as stated on the Fourtreks site)

Inner diameter = 1.5"

Billet T6 aluminum with steel allen screws

plus TWO rubber quick fist release expands from 1" diameter to max 2.25"

For round tool handles - Shovel, bar, rake, pick, tent poles, awning

Camping, overlanding, expedition, trailering

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