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  1. FL4TOUT772

    SOLD SOLD - RIGd UltraSwing Hitch Carrier Multi-Fit

  2. FL4TOUT772

    SOLD FourTreks Modular Awning Mounts

    selling a Pair of FourTreks awning mounts that was attached on my Yakima Roof basket (1inch dia.) to a ARB awning 2000. still excellent condition. $85 shipped! link is below on what i have. very similar! Modular Awning Mounts
  3. GHQ1

    SOLD SOLD - WA, USA $37.50 shipped CONUS -TWO Aluminum Fourtreks Clamps & Rubber Quick Fist Mounts

    SOLD as of 1:20 PM 8/24/18 Fourtreks Mounts NOTE: I had these mounts 6 mos ago and gave them to a friend who ultimately decided he did not need them. So I got them back. $37.50 shipped CONUS -- Regular PP OK (doesn't have to be F&F) TWO adjustable for round or tube rack installations...
  4. Remington_PRO4X

    Nissan Frontier Roof Rack LED Light Bar

    I am hopping to add a LED lightbar on the roof of my truck. I do have the stock roof rack. The issue is I cannot seem to find a proper set of mounts for the bar. I really am trying to avoid having some fabricated, but am having a tough time finding a different option. The top image is from a...
  5. SLO Rob

    DIY Hi Lift Mounts-advice please?

    So I had some mounts fabricated by a guy on a 3rd Gen 4Runner board for my new hi lift that I like to refer to as a Spanish Inquisition Device. You remove two tie downs just inside the lift gate and put in the mounts et Viola. BUT, I have caveman-like mechanical skills, I broke off the screw...