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  1. MEB77

    Yeti vs Pelican cooler quick overview

    Yeti vs Pelican cooler quick overview Owning both a Pelican and a Yeti cooler I have been asked many times which is better or which I prefer. So I decided to write a review. Just a not this is not comparing apples to apples its more like apples to pears as the Yeti is a 65L cooler and the...
  2. Sev

    2017 WK2 1941 Edition

    This thread exists to help me document and share my modifications to my 2017 WK2 1941 Edition. Do not expect a speedy transition from stock to overland beast as I am limited in my time and resources. Feel free to pm me with any questions. 2017 WK2 1941 Edition, 5.7L, Granite I had her stock...
  3. Hank Outdoors

    On A Budget: First Aid Kit

    After watching Jillian Rebekah's Tacoma walk-around I want a hard shell first aid kit like the one she has mounted to her truck cage. I started looking at threads and searching Amazon for first aid kits and hard shell cases. I found Pelican cases to be the ones that seemed sturdy enough to hold...
  4. Road

    SOLD Brand New Pelican 1620 Case w/Foam - $190 Maine (free delivery possible)

    SOLD - Prepping for the next big trip and realize I don't need my new Pelican 1620 Case and am going for two 1600 cases instead. So, the 1620 is up for sale. $190 + shipping, US only. Free delivery possible IF you are close to my travel plans. I'm leaving the coast of Maine this weekend, headed...
  5. Road

    SOLD Pelican 1510 Cases $80ea - ALL SPOKEN FOR - Ships from Maine

    I picked up eleven (11) Pelican 1510 cases with no foam and am passing them along at considerable savings over new price. A LOT of interest and PM's and tentative commitments, but little follow-through with payments. As of 11:30 Sun Aug 06, all cases have been spoken for, with deposits made...
  6. NorthStar96

    RTIC Coolers. Free shipping. Half the price of Yeti

    Found this today. Thought anyone considering a big purchase on a cooler could save a few simoleans. Money back Guarantee. Guaranteed for like 7 yrs. has more capacity then a Yeti. 10 days of ice. Look almost identical to a Yeti. wow. This could be the find of the week. heres the link...