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  1. Stevwhit

    US East Rigs and Coffee

    Hi All, I'm attempting to put together a Rigs and Coffee Event to meet people around the Tri-State area for Wheelin, Overlanding, Camping, whatever. I see lots of people wanting to get together for these sort of adventures, but never able to find a group near by or get things...
  2. 2

    Newbie - 4x2 Pickup in Northern NJ

    Hi, just joined and was interested in reaching out to the community on tips and advice... I realize I am punching out of my weight class here with a 4x2 pickup truck, and it is even the 8 ft bed so it isn't the best for off-roading per say, however I wanted to mainly introduce myself for the...
  3. diabetiktaco

    US East Rigs and Coffee - Pep Boys Off Road / Overland Meet and Greet

    Pep Boys in NJ is looking to showcase the products that are available and coming to the local market. This meet is open to ALL and ANY vehicles but geared towards the weekend warriors. There will be vendor representation, food, door prizes, raffles, patches, etc.
  4. Romeo.Overland

    Asbury/Allaire State Park Trip

    On July 30th we set out for Asbury Park with the intent of a beach trip. See the attached OB Trip Planner document for a full packing list. I left my house at 05:45 and headed for my co-pilots house. We eventually hit the road for Asbury at 06:15. Headed over the Delaware River we encountered...
  5. MA_Trooper

    US East East Region Spring Meetup: New Jersey - 04/25/2019

    This is the spring meetup for the region. We will be camping, riding some trails, doing some trail cleanup/maintenance, and having some fun outside. We are capping the rig count due to camping restrictions. But if you want to come out for a day you are more than welcome. *As a reminder, the...
  6. Xplorr313

    The OFFICIAL Trans NJ Trail Thread

    Hey guys, and gals, I decided to create an “official” Trans New Jersey Trail thread. This is where you can find the “official” route and any route info you need to know. Also, this thread will be good for those to post info about the route; like road closures, detours, dangers, trees down, and...
  7. S

    New from NJ!

    Hey everyone. I've always been super interested in overlanding but there's not really a lot of options in New Jersey. However I did just find out about the Trans-NJ Trail and I'm hoping I can find some info here.
  8. Zillon

    2 Colorados and the Trans-NJ Trail - Jackson to Barnegat

    First off, big thanks to @Xplorer313 for sending over the track. Couldn't have done this without his version of the route. Anyways, this past Sunday, a friend of mine and I met up and tackled a section of the TNJT. The TNJT is a route that was originally mapped out by two-wheeled adventure...
  9. Ian McAdorey

    MtnRoo Northeast x Garden State Overland x Team Subie Snails - 08/26/2018

    Don't let these Subaru's catch you slipping on the trail! Garden State Overland has teamed up with MtnRoo Northeast as well as Team Subie Snails for a meet and greet as well as a trail ride, rain or shine, on Sunday, August 26, 2018. We will be heading off into the woods around the Delaware...
  10. TRDBRO


    This meet up/trail-run will be the weekend after Thanksgiving Saturday 11/25/2017 Meet up will take place at Atsion Ranger Station at 10:00 AM 744 US-206, Shamong, NJ 08088 RALLY POINT EVENT
  11. Ridge Reaper

    New Jersey

    Hello O.B. East- Looking to setup 2 NJ trips for the summer. 1. Buttermilk Falls day trip 2. Forked River Mountain trail ride and overnight at Brendan Byrne State Park. Anyone interested in these???????