new england

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  1. Ocean State Overland

    FOR SALE 2017 Turtleback Expedition (NORTH EAST)

    For Sale, 2017 Turtleback Expedition Trailer: Great option if you don’t want to wait for current MFG lead times!! OD Green (Matte Finish) Tepui Autana Ruggedized RTT with Annex Fox WIng 270 degree awning Jeep 5x5 hubs 3500 lb UCF axles with electric brakes Water heater Max coupler hitch (ball...
  2. argyle

    New Member from Boston Area

    Hello! I have been a fan of OB for some time now and just today registered as a member. After parting with my Land Cruisers years ago (a 62 and an 80) and a few disruptive personal years that followed, things have settled somewhat (albeit amidst a pandemic) and I recently found myself a...
  3. Overland_The_East

    US East New Hampshire Class VI Roads and Trails

    Hi All, If you are like me and live in the often congested areas of the northeast, or more specifically New England Region of the US, you may find it difficult to find places to overland, wheel, or camp. If you live in or close enough to NH you may already know about or have heard of Class VI...
  4. Hank Outdoors

    US East Spring Meet And Greet, Swap And Sell

    A meet and greet for all the Northeast OB members. A great chance to network and get to know each other, swap stories, check out each other’s trucks, trade some gear (if so inclined) and maybe have a brew. I’ll be there with my new, modest home build. The one in the picture.... Address is...

    New guy from Mass - help me find some trails :)

    Hey everyone, I picked up my 2011 crewmax rock warrior tundra back in November and I've had a blast finally exploring the local trails around western MA. I'm in the process of getting to a point where I'd be comfortable on intermediate trails without damaging the truck. I have Lower control arm...
  6. Taco Logic

    Greeting from New England!

    Hello fellow overlanders, Greeting from the Berkshires in Western Massachusetts. I am new to overlanding, though I’ve been camping for some years, and brand new to Overland Bound. I just wanted to say hello and ask if anyone has any good tips (on anything - gear, trails, camping spots, etc.)...
  7. mark_themachinst_guy

    Overlanding the northeast/new england

    Hey overlanders, I live on Long Island, NY. Not a great place to be if you're into offroading and overlanding I've found. Sure there's Rousch Creek in PA, but that's a 5 hour drive from me. My 2010 FJ Trail Teams and I are itching to break the mall crawler status and seriously get the tires...
  8. RichieFromBoston

    Does anyone in New England Know where I can get tires?

    Know where I can get tires? I have 37 in mud terrains and damned if I can locate a set. I have 16 in rims and I need tires sooner than later. Please chime in, Im willing to drop a size If I must but this rig is dialed in with the 345/75/16s
  9. MA_Trooper

    Stay Safe Out There! And Show Us Your Snow!

    With the Nor'easter bearing down on the North East I just want to say, stay safe if you have to venture out. But I also want to see your snow. So check in with some snow pics throughout the storm!
  10. MA_Trooper

    New England Fall Camp Out (open to all)

    Let's all do some camping. There weren't a lot of responses to the poll posted in the original exploratory thread, but of the responses I saw, it was overwhelmingly in favor of a relaxed weekend camp situation with nothing specifically planned. A time for folks to explore any way they choose and...