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  1. Sandpoint Steve

    US Northwest Inland Northwest MEGs #4 Roman Nose Meet Eat Greet and Sleep

    Come for a meet and greet! Stay for the night. Roman nose is an easy drive that all rigs can make it to. There are more difficult tracks to the top if you want. Super family friendly camping. The camp is near the lower of three lakes and there is a loop trail that will take you to 2...
  2. foamy_squirrel

    US East RVA Monthly Meetup / Campout

    Hello my fellow overlanders... it's time for our monthly RVA meetup. Join us for some delicious food and beverages, good times with good people! View Rally Point
  3. Tommys

    Hidden TX Gift

    When the roadster stops and you get off of the steel horse you ride what do you do? Take a deep breath of the cool piney air and explore! Nestled in the piney woods of East Texas is a phat trail known for early 19th century logging and the Big Slough Wilderness Area. The 4C Hiking Trail...
  4. CJTherapy

    US West Canyonlands NP- Maze District

    Come explore with me the beautiful Maze District in Canyonlands Nation Park, Utah. Beginning April 26th and ending April 30th we will spend 4 nights in one of the most remote locations you can get by vehicle. This is not a trip for the in-experienced off road driver or first time adventurer...
  5. _JL_Foxx

    US Rocky Mountain Utah Overlanding Expedition - Moab/Zion/Grand Staircase/Bryce Canyon

    Initially planned this trip with some friends that have since cancelled. As such I would like to open it up to the Overland Bound Community. This trip is mostly a road trip to explore some of the National Parks in Utah. This will include Zion National Park, Grand Staircase National Monument...
  6. HappyOurOverlanding

    US West Genoa Peak Trail Drive and Hike

    This is an easy day trip that consist of 10 miles with a stop at Genoa Peak overlook. Stock vehicle can make this trip with the use of 4LO. Bring wind and sun protection, water/drinks and lunch.View Rally Point
  7. Roy & Kristin Zirpoli

    US Northwest Fall Family Camp Out and Bonfire

    Hubert Mcbee Memorial Campground https://freecampsites.net/#!160765&query=sitedetails
  8. Merk

    Mt. Rainier - Sunrise Open

    What's up dudes My tires didn't actually hit any dirt this weekend, but my hiking boots did. The road to sunrise at Mt. Rainier opened up last week, so we went to explore the area a bit. I normally don't post any hiking related reports on here, but this place is incredible! Highly recommend...
  9. APtrail2005

    Back door into Glacier National Park

    If your ever in North Western Montana you have to drive up the North Fork River, easy drive for any type of vehicle. This drive will take you North from Columbia Falls MT along the western side of Glacier National Park without having to pay a service fee. As you travel North you'll pass thru...
  10. JandAOffRoad

    Klipchuck Campground/Washington

    A few buddies and I just spent about a week traveling through Canada (Banff National Park/Jasper) and the Northern Cascades in Washington. We came across a campground called Klipchuck off Highway 20 and west of Highway 97. The campground ran along Early Winters Creek and had some great...
  11. SaltyYogurtSnek

    Day Trip To Lost Lake

    Great day for some adventuring. Explored some old logging roads and got some hiking in. Found Lost Lake and some other no name lake all while hiking to the top of Sumas Mountain.
  12. Tim N Michele Davis

    How to paint your rims easily

    The rims on my Landcruiser are showing their age, I thought about buying new rims but just didn't want to spend the money. I used VHT Wheel Black Satin Wheel Paint. + So here are easy to follow instructions. 1. wash rims with soap and water 2. let dry 3.jack vehicle up and put on a jack...
  13. Fortis Overland

    Grand Canyon South Rim Trip

    Hey fellow overlanders, My wife and I are planning a trip to the Grand Canyon at the end of next month, and I'm 100% unfamiliar with the trails down there, including hikes. Is there anything that is a "must do" at or near the South Rim of the Grand Canyon? We're looking for potential overland...
  14. Mean Green

    Pisgah National Forest

    Hey there! Yesterday, my family made a day trip to Pisgah! Specifically to hike Moore Cove Falls Trail. We had two 2 year olds, a baby under 1, and three adults. The hike was super easy and fun for the kids. And the waterfall at the end was really cool because you got to go behind it to explore...
  15. Cwilli17

    Mississippi / Louisiana / Alabama

    My name is Chris. I live in Hattiesburg MS, and it didn’t take me long to find that there is not a whole lot of us here in the Gulf South. I’ve done quite a bit of looking on OB and there doesn’t appear to be a thread dedicated to the Gulf South so I decided to make one! This thread is...
  16. John Yoder

    Looking For A New Job State Side

    Hello Overlander's, My name is John Yoder and I am looking for a new job state side for when I come home from Afghanistan. I have spent the last five years over there on a Personal Security Detail/ Combat Medic for the Diplomats that work at the US Embassy in Kabul, Afghanistan. I will be...
  17. Boort

    Recommendations for Rain Gear

    Hello all, I'm looking for some input by those of you used to camping, hiking, photographing, & over-landing in the rain. I'm equipt for snow and staying out all night in cold weather but rain is not much of an issue here in Co. It either hits and runs or floods and cancels the trip (or as in...
  18. Crispy


    Are you an avid backbacker? Do you go Ultralight? What are your must have's on a backpacking trip! Let's hear about your backpacking setups!
  19. Hank.94

    Hiking Cloudland National Park

    Day Trip to Cloudland National Park NW GA There's over 10 miles of trails with elevation changes. A must stop if you are ever in NWG.
  20. DiegoDA

    Anyone been to Daniel Boone National Forest?

    Hey guys, Planning a trip to Daniel Boone National Forest and wanted to see who has been out there? still relatively stock so nothing crazy but might just consider parking and hiking to the dispersed camp sites. any advice is appreciated.