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  1. North40overland

    HAM vs. GMRS - The Great Debate

    My dad and I are split on this. He is an old ham K0AJ and I am a big GMRS guy WRME413 / ATL-699. He says ham is better and that I am just being lazy for not taking the test. I tell him that GMRS is more accessible and all the overlanders I know use it. He says HAM has way more repeaters. I...
  2. kc5hwb

    Just Joined - Ham Radio 2.0 on YouTube

    My name is Jason and I am a Ham Radio Operator, callsign KC5HWB. I also run a YouTube channel called Ham Radio 2.0, and I have been wanting to do some video about how to get into Overlanding, take some trips, etc. Glad I found this website and forum and I am looking forward to learning more...
  3. whiskey7backroads

    Ham Radio set up in the EarthCruiser

    We take the Earthcruiser out and demo the Ham Radio set up we have for mobile communications. Thanks to all for watching.
  4. TN_4Runner

    5th Gen 4Runner Setup

    This thread I will be showing gear choice, how I pack it, radios, navigation, recovery gear and whatever else. I have a '18 4Runner without a lift and have done some great trips and camping. New gear that I picked up is a Midland 40w GMRS radio and solar generator and panel. I will update with...
  5. Oranger

    Show off your mic mounts!

    Looking for inspiration to do better than throw both mics in the passenger seat. Show off how you mount your mics and tell us about what you like and dislike with your system. Pictures encouraged!
  6. paramatt

    UK amateur radio foundation test online

    Hi all looking around I see that the discussion of the best communication types for the UK has been had best UK comms, I see most are using PMR, Zello or CB with some interest in HAM but the UK not having an OLB Comms frequency is there not enough interest/licensed members to have one? But if...
  7. ExpeditionNorth

    DMR 31655 Venture Overland

    All amateur radio ops are cordially invited to participate on the talk group more info can be found here : Ham Radio Venture Overland This site is a compliment to DMR talk group 31655 Venture Overland. Venture Overland is a Digital Mobile Radio (DMR) talk group on the Brandmeister DMR Network...

    New Yaesu FTM-300DR vs FTM-400XDR?

    The 400 has been around a few years now. The touch screen is a nice option, but for offroad, not sure it is best due to the potential for it become scratched due to dust. The , not yet released, 300 is not a touch screen, but is manipulated with 10 buttons. Also the mic controls look bigger...
  9. El-Dracho

    HAM radio unit: fan or cooling fins?

    Hi community! I am just in the process to get my HAM license. Currently using CB in my overlanding rig, but want a proper comm for longer distances... Looking at mobile HAM radios, there are some which do not have a fan but just cooling fins. I was thinking that this might be a good idea with...
  10. Chris Arnesen

    US Southwest Overland Bound at QuartzFest 2020

    QuartzFest is a week-long ham radio, camping, learning and living event. My wife and I will be attending QuartzFest 2020 and wanted to get the word out about the event so that others that are interested in ham radio. For 2019, they had a record attendance of over 1,000!
  11. TahoePPV

    I needed a center console - An idea is born

    My new to me tow vehicle came without a center console. There was plenty of space, and I definitely wanted to use as much as I could. At the same time, I had a stack of 50 caliber ammo can taking space in my garage. Look at all that real estate! Step one! Make a level playing field. I...
  12. C


    Was looking to pull a purchase of the FTM‑400XD, but then I see this: Thoughts?
  13. ok4runner

    Enid Amateur Radio Club, HAM FEST

    ALL THINGS HAM RADIO!! We will have a Meet & Greet, Class Testing, Swap meet, Vendors, and best of all a Rig Show!! www.enidarc.org @enidamateurradioclub (Facebook)
  14. ok4runner

    Enid Amateur Radio Club, HAM Fest

    ALL THINGS HAM RADIO!! We will have a Meet & Greet, Class Testing, Swap meet, Vendors, and best of all a Rig Show!! www.enidarc.org @enidamateurradioclub (Facebook)
  15. NineZero

    Hello from the Los Angeles area!

    So happy to be part of this great community, I'm a vintage Land Rover collector and overland enthusiast. My wife is an accomplished Overlander and Off-Road rally competitor and my daughter is happy to be along for the ride. I've been driving off-road for almost 20 years and have competed in a...
  16. Prerunner1982

    US Southwest Amateur Radio Technician (entry level) license class - Edmond, OK

    If you prefer a class based study instead of self study. Aug 27th - Oct 22, Tuesday evenings 6:30pm-8:30pm. Sign up: Edmond Amateur Radio Society (EARS) :|: Home Questions? contact cqN5ZY@gmail.com
  17. Jedi

    US Northwest Sudden Valley Amateur Radio Club 2019-1 Spring Technician License Course and FCC Testing

    This event is being posted on behalf of the Sudden Valley Amateur Radio Club of Bellingham, WA, who is holding their Spring Technician License Course.
  18. justintheegreat

    HAM for newbies

    planning on attending the HAM CRAM coming up. and ive been watching video and even downloaded an app to help me study and learn. what would you guys say a good starting point or good radio would be to start with. i dont mind if its hand held or installed in my truck.
  19. TerryD

    *Ham Radio Fest* Frostfest 2019 Richmond, VA

    Hello Virginians! We've got the Richmond Frost Fest coming up Feb 2nd. There will be test sessions there as well as plenty of vendors and used gear! I've already ordered my early bird tickets and will be headed in that morning. If you want to meet up there, just give me a shout! More Info...
  20. Reid Adventures

    Which Mobile HAM for APRS

    Hello All. My wife and I are planning our first trip in January to Death Valley and Yosemite. We are going it alone so we will remain mild mannered and not TOO far off of beaten paths. I am a licensed HAM but haven't done anything with my license as of yet. I am looking to purchase and install...