big bear

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  1. B4YMAX

    Big Bear, CA

    I've gone to Big Bear, CA for some trails a few times in the last three months. I love it up there! Here is a few photos that ive taken with my Canon T6I.
  2. FrankRoams

    Burns Canyon, Big Bear, CA - 06/23/2018

    Heading out to Burns Canyon in Big Bear, CA! Saturday, June 23rd - this will be a full day run so plan accordingly. Details below! View Rally Point Details
  3. Teh_Viking

    Going to Big Bear for some fresh air. 12/20-12/22

    Going to big bear to get away from the dirty air here in Ventura, If anyone is in the area during the day Thursday or Friday let me know.
  4. ttephotos

    2017 Jeep Wrangler JKU "Big Bear" Build

    Opening: I just got the word that the order is finalized and will finally be joining the Jeep family and starting a build. A little backstory I am originally from Ohio but due to serving with the Air Force I have been overseas for some time. While in Okinawa I did not pull the trigger due to...
  5. Raul B

    Joshua Tree to Big Bear with Overlanding USA....

    We were lucky enough to receive an invite from Overlanding USA for their next trip to film episode 4. At first I wasn't sure if I would be able to make it because the rig was still with Mercenary Offroad having the custom front bumper made but as luck would have it he finished the bumper a...
  6. Adventure-Yeti

    Burns Canyon Trail - 2N02 (Yucca Valley, CA to Big Bear, CA)

    Hello fellow OLB Members, If you're interested in a fun, Southern California Trail? Here you go! We took a fairly popular Southern California trail this past weekend and had a blast. It has a fair amount of terrain & elevation changes, along with some challenging sections that will allow...